· January, 2009

Stories about Bahrain from January, 2009

Bahrain: Scores of Websites Blocked

  21 January 2009

Scores of websites have been blocked in Bahrain, following a new crackdown by the Ministry of Information. The latest sweep makes sites ranging from Google Translate to those of social, religious, human rights and political groups inaccessible to people in Bahrain.

Bahrain: Why is God not Saving Palestinians?

  19 January 2009

American Coolred38, who lives in Bahrain, asks: “In your opinion…is it safe to assume…that the millions of prayers sent to God by Muslims asking for Palestinians to be saved and for the genocide to stop once and for all have fallen on deaf ears…but prayers sent out with hopes of...

Bahrain: Role of Web 2.0 in Gaza War

  14 January 2009

Global Voices Online‘s Jillian York speaks to Bahraini Esra'a at Mideast Youth on the role of Web 2.0/social networking sites in reporting the current conflict in Gaza.

Palestine: Communicating with Gaza

  6 January 2009

Under normal circumstances and despite a high rate of literacy, Palestine's Internet penetration rate stands between 13 and 15 per cent (including both the West Bank and Gaza). Given the ongoing attacks on Gaza, however, Internet access has been significantly diminished. Many Gaza residents are instead sending text messages and making phone calls abroad in the hopes that their stories will be told.

Bahrain: What is Hamas Thinking?

  5 January 2009

Bahraini blogger Ammar writes: “Israeli forces launched a ground offensive against Hamas, which probably means a larger death toll over the next few days. I don't understand the way Hamas thinks.”