Bahrain: A Friday of Rage Dispersed with Tear Gas

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011.

Protesters around Bahrain defied a gatherings law and turned out in masses for rallies around the kingdom dubbed as The Friday of Rage. Protesters, who chanted for the overthrow of the regime in some instances, were attacked by tear gas – and some say rubber bullets. Here's a round up of reactions from social networking sites.

On YouTube, alhejairy posts this video showing a group of protesters in Bouri, a village near A'ali, where protesters were pelted with tear gas:

This video shows part of the protests in Sitra. It was uploaded by ahrarbh today:

Towards the end of the video, after the security forces start shooting tear gas cannisters on the protesters, you catch a conversation in Arabic, where demonstrators are convincing another protester to move from “the line of fire” as “there are no hospitals open to treat the wounded.”

On Twitter, users continued to tweet and post photographs on the protests as they became available. Here is part of the conversation today:

police attacked pro-democracy rally in bahrain@ru4peace2: @cnnireport 1 confirmed death in #bahrain today

police attacked pro-democracy rally in bahrain@MhamadHasan: protesters at #sitra after being attacked with CS gas, buckshots, grenade stuns #bahrain #feb14

police attacked pro-democracy rally in bahrain@ProudBahraini1: another picture of clashes between riot forces and youth in sitra #Bahrain

pro-democracy rally in bahrain@MhamadHasan: #sitra pro-democracy rally about 3 PM today before attack #bahrain #feb14

@badriya_1990: i just saw with my own eyes … police smashing a car on the street in aali #bahrain #feb14

@Bahrainiac: ReportsTear Gas near Pottery Roundabout in Aali right now time 06.13pm. #Bahrain #Aali #feb14

@AlJallabi14: Sounds of explosions in Aali, don't know what it is but it's loud.

@Sedrees: heavy attack by police with tear gas, buckshots, stun grenades #sitra #bahrain #feb14 #UK #UN #SOS #USA

@MOE_AlMajed: #chopperguy flying realy low in BaniJamra/Duraz, & sounds of few riot police cars heading to Sar #Bahrain

@Fatema_Habib89: @NoorAlHaji in Duraz and Bani Jamra, I still hear the shooting and smell the tear gas!

@FatimaY90: Bani Jamra, Duraz, Sitra, Ma'ameer, Nuwaidrat, Al Ekr, Dair & Samaheej still under attack as its people remain deifant! #Bahrain

@bhrabroad: Protestors in #Bahrain r armed with ‘allah akber’ – ‘god is great’- & they are being fired upon. #lulu #feb14

@FroozyO: First it was a sectarian uprising, then a terrorist plot, then they blamed Iran and now…Hizbullah. Whose next? #Bahrain

@Ahmed_Mansoor_: #bahrain Education Ministry Suspends Scholarships of students who participated in #protests against regime crimes… #hrw

@Hitteen48: Are rights abuses by govts of #Syria & #Bahrain under protection of #Qatar's ‘No-Airtime-Zone’ on @AJArabic ? #fb #ArabRevolution

@iLandBahrain: It's all just so tragic. The mess to be cleaned up later keeps getting bigger. I pray for the safety of all. #Bahrain

@iLandBahrain: There is no way out except a political solution, maybe with outside mediation. Just worried how many lives we'll lose before this is reached

@iLandBahrain: What worries me now we're beyond the concept of law “enforcement”. The very legitimacy of laws is questioned and that's risky #Bahrain

@Bahraini83: I'm really disappointed #Bahrain we have 2 b more rational &start thnking! &just get on with the solution already #EnoughIsEnough #WeWantCP

@Nadawish: @iLandBahrain I hope people find a way to move on.but the sectarianism gap is so big to be healed anytime soon.It's sad for what's happening

@iBAllERiNA: @iLandBahrain What is sad is that political resolution will take place sooner or later. More deaths are unnecessary & will deepen the wound.

Also, mourners today buried Hani Abdulaziz in Bilad Al Qadeem, 33, who was killed near his home and left in a pool of blood. Here is the coverage of his burial procession from Twitter:

@MajidJaffar: Latest martyr Hani Abdulaziz,from bilad alqadeem was shot and left bleeding for one hour n the street #bahrain #lulu

Mourning for Hani A.Aziz in bahrain@emoodz: Prayers on the coffin of Hani A.Aziz in Bilad earlier.. #bahrain #lulu

Bilad al Qadem funeral march in bahrain@mohdashoor: Burial procession of the martyr Hani in Bilad Al Qadeem #Bahrain.

@MazenMahdi: Bilad Qadem funeral march about to end. Thousands marched peaceful even gave right of way for anti-riot police car to pass through #bahrain

Bilad al Qadem funeral march@MazenMahdi: Bilad al Qadem funeral march now in #bahrain #feb14

Meanwhile, netizens calling for dialogue and an end to the violence in Bahrain are continuing to appeal to Bahrain Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa to intervene to find a peaceful solution to the protests which started on February 14. Here's a video featuring some of the tweets made by Twitter users:

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011.

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