· October, 2007

Stories about Colombia from October, 2007

Americas: The Kick Off for World Cup Qualifiers

  17 October 2007

The road to the World Cup South Africa 2010 began this past weekend in South America. The Global Voices Latin American team joined forces to bring you reactions from across the continent as some teams marked surprising victories, while others felt the sour taste of defeat.

Colombia: My Neighborhood

17 October 2007

Muestra Artistica [ES] describes his own neighborhood of Santo Domingo in Medellin, Colombia.

Colombia: Uribe vs. Supreme Court

  16 October 2007

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe is facing an investigation by the country's Supreme Court following accusations that he ordered the killing of a paramilitary warlord sparking a controversy between the head of state and the top judicial court. Colombian bloggers react to public opinions and the way that Uribe is publicly handling the allegations. The Colombian media is the target of attention from the blogosphere.

Colombia: Humorous Business Blog Given Top Prize

  8 October 2007

The Colombian Chamber of Telecommunications and Information Technology recently awarded its Best Blog in 2007 to a Se nos cayó el sistema (We Have a System Failure), whose subjects are about productivity and business matters in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. The blog's name is in reference to excuses used by companies to explain their mistakes. The blog is also well respected by other Colombian bloggers.

Catching Up with Rising Voices Outreach Projects

  7 October 2007

Since we last visited the Rising Voices outreach award winners, much progress has been made, including the introduction of the world's first weblog in the Andean indigenous language of Aymara. But first, let us begin in Medellín, Colombia where HiperBarrio continues to make strides in its hillside working class neighborhoods. And they've attracted some much deserved recognition for their efforts ...

Colombia: FesTAS.org Festival

  1 October 2007

FesTAS.org is a festival about open technologies that will take place in the city of Tenjo on October 6. Martín Giraldo of Radio Capsula [ES] will speak about open software and extends an invitation to all.