· January, 2007

Stories about Colombia from January, 2007

Colombia: Same-Sex Unions

  31 January 2007

Andres Duque of Blabbeando documents the various political paths that GLBT advocates and activists in Colombia are using to gain the rights of same-sex unions.

Cuba: Praying for Fidel

  29 January 2007

It's unlikely that Cuban president Fidel Castro will be any less of a polarising figure in death than he's been over the course of his long and colourful political career. Since the announcement of his illness and the passing of power to his brother Raúl at the end of July...

Brazilian Blogs on Chávez, Lula and the Mercosur Summit

  19 January 2007

Presidents from most South American countries are gathered in Rio de Janeiro for a meeting of the Mercosur trading group, and Hugo Chavez is again the attention drawer. Local bloggers have been substantially posting about the Venezuelan president since he announced the move to cancel the broadcasting license to (TV...

Colombia: Paramilitary and Politics

  19 January 2007

Forum on Democracy has translated an Op-Ed by anthropologist Aldo Civico which “compares the collusion between politicians and paramilitaries in Colombia, to the Mafia-controlled government of Palermo in the 1970s.”

Jamaica, Colombia: Identity etc

  18 January 2007

In response to some questions posed to him in December, Jamaican writer Geoffrey Philp writes an open letter recounting a visit to a Colombian restaurant in Florida with his (part-Colombian) family: “Of course, I’ve chosen to blog about it and this is one way about talking about your questions, which...

Colombia: A Dirty War Against Paramilitaries?

  16 January 2007

“In early December, shortly after President Álvaro Uribe confined most of Colombia's paramilitary leadership in a maximum-security prison, an article in El Tiempo, the country's most-circulated newspaper, contended that the paramilitaries had one ‘secret weapon’ left. If they felt they were getting a bad deal out of the negotiation process,...

Colombia: Creative Commons-licensed Music

  10 January 2007

Highlighting Colombian music released with Creative Commons licenses, Carolina Botero presents the album “Colombitis” [ES] by trio “Colombita.” Also mentioned are “Gaita Negra” and salsa group Calambuco whose songs can be heard on hi5.