· January, 2009

Stories about Colombia from January, 2009

Colombia: Against Bullfighting in Medellín

  28 January 2009

Andreata of Jovenes Pensantes [es] thinks that more people should protest the annual bullfighting festival in Medellín, Colombia since it is “another death celebrated by many insensitive persons and executed by those.. bullfighters.“

Colombia: No Smoking in Closed Public Spaces in Bogotá

  14 January 2009

It's been more than a month since a law went into effect that prohibited smoking in closed public spaces in Bogotá, Colombia and Diana of La Urbi y El Orbe [es] is pleased. However, she laments an incident when a smoker killed a bar manager who asked him to extinguish...

Colombia: President Uribe to Receive US Medal of Freedom

  14 January 2009

Outgoing U.S. president George W. Bush plans to award Colombian president Álvaro Uribe with the Medal of Freedom. Adam Isacson of Plan Colombia and Beyond criticizes the selection and wishes that, “a U.S. government would someday offer similar recogntion to Colombia’s thousands of other heroes. The country has no shortage...

Colombia: Only After Media Coverage Does the Police Act

  5 January 2009

Piso Tres [es] writes about the homicide of a young university student in Bogotá and wonders whether “there needs to be wide media coverage so that the police searches and finds the responsible party?” and that the police only started to offer a reward only after there was press coverage.

Colombia: Top 10 News Events

  2 January 2009

Victor Solano of ¿Comunicación? [es] lists the top 10 Colombian news events of 2008, with the rescue of Ingrid Betancourt and the other 11 hostages topping the list.

Bolivia: An Interview With Ingrid Betancourt

  2 January 2009

Boris Miranda, a journalist for the La Paz, Bolivia newspaper La Prensa writes about his recent interview with former FARC hostage Ingrid Betancourt [es] from Colombia, who had been visiting the country.