· July, 2007

Stories about Colombia from July, 2007

Colombia: Inside and Out at the Colombiamoda Fashion Show

  25 July 2007

Colombian bloggers discuss the relevance of the ColombiaModa international fashion show, a model speaks about the not-so-rosy aspects of the fashion show, and others post their thoughts on the Independence Celebrations of July 20th, which took place in the island of San Andrés for the first time in Colombia's history.

Colombia: Absent Final Movie Credits

  24 July 2007

PISO TR3S [ES] wonders why Colombian television does not run the final credits following the broadcast of a movie, but thinks it must because of the precious time for additional advertising revenue.

Colombia: Ten Years After the Mapiripán Massacre

  17 July 2007

Adam Isaacson of Plan Colombia and Beyond reflects on the Mapiripán Massacre, which took place ten years ago and up to now, “very few people have been punished for what happened in Mapiripán. Nearly all of those who tortured civilians, chopped up their bodies and threw them in the Guaviare...

Colombia: Protests Against Kidnappings

  11 July 2007

Following the death of 11 deputies, who were kidnapped by the FARC, Colombians took to the streets to demand the release of the remaining hostages. Several Colombian bloggers were present at the march and they provide firsthand accounts. Others write about the impact of such a show of solidarity and whether this may be the end of apathy.

Colombia: Blog Competition

  4 July 2007

Medallo Bloguero [ES] writes about the national blog competition sponsored by the magazine Semana, in which the top three winners will form part of the magazine's bloggers.

Congratulations, Rising Voices Grantees

  4 July 2007

We are thrilled to announce the first five citizen media outreach projects to receive Rising Voices microgrants. In total we received 142 project proposals from over 40 different countries. What all of the project proposals have in common is a desire to enable their communities to tell their own stories, to write their own first draft of history, to document their traditions and culture before they are washed away by the tides of globalization.

Colombia: Gay Pride Parades on July 1

  1 July 2007

PISO TR3S [ES] does not understand the reasoning why Colombians from the gay community take part in pride parades and whether these parades help their cause in gaining more rights.