· June, 2006

Stories about Colombia from June, 2006

Colombia: Bogota, the Bicycle, and Transportation

  28 June 2006

David, a cyclist and blogger who is riding from Central America down to South America explains why we went off route to check out Bogota's public transportation system: “In the 1990s, in the face of horrible road congestion, Bogota did something amazing – it reduced space for cars.”

Colombia: The UN's data on Coca-Growing

  27 June 2006

Adam Isacson explains why the recently released Andean Coca Survey by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime is required reading for anyone wanting “to know about drug-crop cultivation in Colombia and the rest of the region.”

The State of Creative Commons in Latin America

  26 June 2006

Coauthored by Jose Murilo Junior and David Sasaki Global Voices has become a supporter of Creative Commons licensing not due to ideology, but because our website depends on it. The translations we post, bridging bloggers from different languages and cultures, are modifications of original works, requiring either the author's permission...

Colombia, Argentina: Music: Lulacruza

  26 June 2006

Fernando Casale features the duo Lulacruza. “This Colombian-Argentinean duo is formed by Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette, who met in the city of Boston while they were studying at the Berklee College of Music.”

Colombia: Troubling Statistics

20 June 2006

Adam Isacson reviews a recent and troubling report evaluating official “programs to demobilize and reintegrate former combatants, especially ex-paramilitaries.”

Colombia: Finding Less or Less to Find?

  16 June 2006

Adam Isacson offers three leading explanations as to why Colombia's security forces have interdicted less cocaine the first half of this year than in recent, previous years.

Colombia: Perception and Reality

13 June 2006

After visiting writer Gabriel García Márquez’ hometown of Aracataca, Sagroncito tries to separate perception and reality regarding Colombia.

Global Food Blog Report #21

  11 June 2006

#1: After almost a month her blog vanished without reasonable explanation, Chef Ines Peña from Caracas, Venezuela is back with her brand new and improved creation: Apuntes de Cocina. Lets head over to her blog and cheer her up a little for her perseverance and the love to share her...

Latin America: World Cup Weblogs

  9 June 2006

In addition to José Luis Orihuela's list of weblogs in Spanish dedicated solely to the World Cup, Colombian blogger Blue Elephant will be writing contributing to the football poetry at fulbo.net. Finally, from El Salvador, “Hunnapuh” took a look at site statistics to find that page views were extraordinarily low...

Colombia: Cartagena on Election Day

  8 June 2006

David of A Ride for the Climate left his hotel on election day in Colombia and took some pictures around Cartagena. He even conducted his own, surprisingly accurate exit poll.

Panama, Colombia: Some Expensive Beans and a Legend Retires

  2 June 2006

Sure, much of the world has become accustomed to paying US $50 to fill up their gas tanks. But $50 for a pound of coffee beans? Elena Hernandez has the story (ES). Meanwhile, both Libardo Buitrago (ES), Sangroncito and Jennifer Woodard Maderazo bid farewell to the actor who played the...