· December, 2006

Stories about Colombia from December, 2006

Colombia: Lack of quorum sinks same-sex partnership bill

  28 December 2006

“So the bill was actually brought to the floor for a vote but some cowardly legislators jumped up and left their seats. Incredibly disappointing if not necessarily surprising.” So says Andres Duque who has been covering the proposed legislation to grant legal privileges to same-sex partnerships. The bill died last...

Colombia: “What I've Learned”

18 December 2006

Erwin Cifuentes, who normally blogs prodigiously at The Latin Americanist is now in Colombia and has put together a collection of “the many lessons big and small” he's learned so far. Ricardo Carreón also finds himself in Colombia and recommends an English-language website about the capital city.

Colombia: Chats and Global Orgasm

11 December 2006

Juan Plata of blogsColombia tries to stimulate his fellow bloggers [ES] into taking advantage of the blogsColombia chat client as well as partaking in Global Orgasm – “to cause a change of vibrations on our planet.”

Colombia: First Black Colombian General

  7 December 2006

Poor But Happy forum user “webmanco” posts an excerpt of an article about Colombian General Luis Alberto Moore Perea and adds: “Here is another successful black Colombian, for those who think, blacks got no opportunities in Colombia.” A commenter from Cali, however, responds, “I would be happy to see how...

Colombia: El Tiempo forecasts passage of “gay law”

  5 December 2006

According to Andres Duque: “over the weekend, El Tiempo, the leading Colombian editorial newspaper, predicted that the bill would not only survive tomorrow's House of Representatives vote but also pass the next hurdle when it's sent for final review by a special commission of the House. That would send it...