· July, 2005

Stories about Colombia from July, 2005

Panama, Colombia: Darien Gap

  29 July 2005

El Sur links to a moblog which covers that unforgiving space of Panamanian and Colombian jungle which keeps most Pan-American travelers from driving straight through, known as the Darien Gap.

Colombia: Freeing FARC Hostages

29 July 2005

Plan Colombia and Beyond has a thoughtful dissection of the long road awaiting Colombian president Uribe, who is trying to negotiate the release of fifty-nine hostages held by the leftist group, FARC.

Latin America Responds to TeleSur's Launch

  28 July 2005

This past Sunday a small group of 25 journalists in Caracas, Venezuela began pilot-broadcasting a new Pan-American satellite news network called TeleSur which, by September, hopes to be reaching audiences all throughout the Americas with at least nine regional bureaus including Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Washington D.C, La Paz and...

Colombia, Bolivia: Coca buybacks

  26 July 2005

Plan Colombia and Beyond writes about a new Colombian initiative to buy back illegal coca harvests in Colombia. The post notes that a similar program in Bolivia a few years ago did not do much.

Colombia: La Ciclovia

  18 July 2005

Bloggings by Boz explains La Civlovia, a Sunday morning tradition which “shuts down several major roads and allows people to bike, rollerblade and run.” Eduardo of Barrio Flores comments that a “Pedestrian Day” is held once a year in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Colombia: The Anguish of Living Displaced

18 July 2005

John Guzman of Logtar's Blog has translated a poweful piece on what it's like to be displaced from Colombia. Guzman, himself a Colombian living abroad, says he relates to many of the author's observations.