· February, 2008

Stories about Colombia from February, 2008

Colombia: Witnessing a Murder

  21 February 2008

Six years later, Catalina Restrepo of Cosas del Alma [es] shares her difficult experience of witnessing a violent murder in her town in Colombia, as she prepared to go to school.

Jorge Jurado Raps About Citizen Media

  19 February 2008

Jorge is one of about 20 young people in the peripheral working class neighborhood of San Javier La Loma who are using citizen media to rescue the forgotten history of their community. His song “ConVerGentes” which he performed in this video in early January 2008 discusses the potential of using participatory media to rescue the forgotten history and culture of local communities.

Colombia: Movie About Pablo Escobar

  19 February 2008

In Colombia, Reticente [es] reviews the latest movie about Pablo Escobar called “Angel or Demon,” and recommends not to take a date because the movie is bad.

Colombia: Money Found in Itagüí Prison

  18 February 2008

Julián Ortega Martínez of equinoXio writes about the recent discovery of approximately 6,000 USD in the maximum security prison of Itagüí in Colombia, and which was found to belong to a former paramilitary leader.

Colombia: More Reactions to the March Against FARC

  14 February 2008

Reactions continue to emerge regarding the February 4 demonstration against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, for its initials in Spanish). Many bloggers provide their thoughs on why they did or did not march, and the various political interests in play.

National Sports: unique expressions of countrywide pride.

  12 February 2008

Whether by government decree or by popularity, national sports are part of the cultural makeup of every country. People from many walks of life come together to participate, watch or root for their favorite athletes or teams. Check out which unique national sports Colombia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates have.

Colombia: Day of the Journalist

  11 February 2008

Colombia celebrated Day of the Journalist on February 9. Juan David Escobar of Reticente [es] and Victor Solano of ¿Comunicación? [es] salute and write about the challenges for journalists in Colombia.

Colombia: March in Washington, DC

  7 February 2008

Plan Colombia and Beyond provides some thoughts from the Center for International Policy Associate Paola Castro, who writes, “As a Colombian-American citizen I feel really glad that the pro-peace and anti-FARC rally went well today in Washington D.C. Around eight hundred people came together in Freedom Plaza [15th and Pennsylvania...

Colombia: United in a March Against the FARC

  5 February 2008

For the first time in Colombia´s history, an initiative which began on the internet managed to become a massive, worldwide event in just one month. The February 4th demonstration against the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) , began as an idea on a FaceBook group "A Million Voices Against the FARC" and then it snowballed into a worldwide event with marches in 133 different cities around the world.

Colombia: San Pedro Cemetery in Medellín

  4 February 2008

Baúl de Letras [es] provides some reflections after a recent visit to the San Pedro Cemetery in Medellín, Colombia and that the cemetery is much more than a final resting place, but it also offers cultural programming and guided visits.

Juliana Rincón: A multi-tasking blogger

  3 February 2008

Meet Juliana Ricón Parra, a multi-tasking blogger from Peru, now living in Colombia. She has been a Global Voices Author for two years and has just started a new role as Video Editor. Juliana talks about blogging, her participation in the citizen media project HiperBarrio, the new challenges in her professional life and the lovely South American food.

Come Explore New Videos at Rising Voices

  2 February 2008

The first round of Rising Voices outreach projects have already been training participants in underrepresented communities how to use the tools of citizen media for just over seven months now. Many of the projects are taking their media production skills to the next level by using Windows Movie Maker to produce short video documentaries that reveal the realities of the communities where they live.