· December, 2007

Stories about Colombia from December, 2007

New Bloggers Use Poetry to Describe Their Communities, Feelings, Friends

  31 December 2007

The new bloggers of Rising Voices outreach projects in Colombia, Bolivia, and Bangladesh are more than just up-and-coming citizen journalists. They have also discovered the power of prose to reveal glimpses of the human emotions that bring us together and the local differences that make each of our communities unique.

Suso, Gratitude, and Human Dignity

21 December 2007

Originally published on Rising Voices. Every neighborhood has it's own local set of celebrities who become either famous or infamous for their talents, idiosyncrasies, and personal histories. They are the living and breathing incarnations of the archetypical characters who make up the novels and movies we so love. Think of...

Colombia: Bloggers Fight for Creative Commons Rights

  10 December 2007

Colombian Flickr users and bloggers united against a regional newspaper that violated a Creative Commons license that a user placed on her photographs, a license which has full legal standing in Colombia. The campaign spread to dozens of blogs and into a Facebook group. However, this was not the first case of media that paid no attention to these licenses.

Colombia: Released Videos Shows Silence From Hostages

  5 December 2007

Videos that show "proof of life" were discovered last week when 3 emissaries of the FARC terrorist group were captured. The videos contain poignant images of several of the hostages that the FARC has in their captivity. Colombian bloggers respond to the sad videos and lament their use to push political agendas and complain that the videos were not distributed earlier.

Colombia: Resurgence in Football

  3 December 2007

Colombian football is experiencing a resurgence after beating the Argentina team in World Cup qualifying, explains Proyecto Colombia.