· April, 2006

Stories about Colombia from April, 2006

World: Handwriting Meme

27 April 2006

John Guzman, a native of Colombia now living in the United States, has started an international handwriting meme. He hopes to attract as much international participation as possible. There is also a Flickr group.

Colombia: Extraditing Gabriel Puerta Parra

  24 April 2006

Adam Isacson emphasizes the sensitive consequences of extraditing longtime narcotrafficker, paramilitary associate, and ex-government security agent, Gabriel Puerta Parra (alias “The Doctor”) to the United States. Included is a translation of an intriguing and recent interview with Parra by the news magazing Semana.

Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Colombia: Crisis in the Andes

  21 April 2006

Explaining that Venezuela has already left and that Bolivia is thinking of following, Miguel Buitrago says that most of the achievements of The Andean Community (CAN) are only observable on paper. Movimiento 13 de Abril, quotes Chavez (ES) in his announcement at the Community's recent summit in Paraguay: “CAN serves...

Colombia: FARC and Uribe

  10 April 2006

Why are Colomabia's leftist rebels helping their conservative President in the upcoming elections? Adam Isacson explains the contradiction of last week's violence.

Colombia: Bus Bombings

  10 April 2006

Western Hemisphere Policy Watch reports on two bus bombings in the Colombian capital of Bogota, noting that “had these attacks taken place in Baghdad, Bali, or Tel Aviv, the ‘mainstream’ U.S. media would have plastered images all over the news …”

Colombia, Venezuela: Targeting Chavez

  10 April 2006

Oil Wars translates an article from the Colombian news weekly Semana, in which an ex-employee of the Colombian Department of Security Administration (DAS) claims that “plans that were hatched to assassinate various Venezuelan government officials, among whom were the Venezuelan president.”