· January, 2010

Stories about Colombia from January, 2010

Video: Drug legalization and life post-prohibition

  22 January 2010

There are groups of people advocating for the legalization of drugs, but what would that actually mean? From Hungary to Colombia, from youth to teachers, from cops and clergy, individuals and groups are taking to citizen media to put forth their arguments regarding this potentially controversial subject.

Colombia: President Álvaro Uribe's Bid for Third Term

  15 January 2010

While Colombian President Álvaro Uribe has expressed an interest in running for a third consecutive term, changes in the Constitution are needed to allow this. A recent recommendation by the Inspector General gave his re-election bid a big boost.

Colombia: FARC's controversial online presence

  6 January 2010

Although most of the reactions visible on twitter to a trailer for a documentary made to support the FARC armed forces of Colombia in international venues were skeptical, the existence of dozens of online videos supporting the FARC makes it look like the support or rejection of these so called terrorist groups is not a black or white issue.

Colombia: Galeras Volcano Eruption Video

  3 January 2010

Twitter user @mrmuller linked to the video of the Galeras Volcano Eruption in Colombia and also posted a picture of the aftermath. It seems the areas in the immediate vicinity of the volcano are being evacuated, but the Black and White Carnival in the city of Pasto will continue as...

Video: Year End Traditions and Rituals

  1 January 2010

Around the world, people celebrate the arrival of the New Year with certain traditions. Today, through video we bring you some of the traditions and rituals people follow to improve their luck, fortune or other details in their life for the coming year.