· August, 2007

Stories about Colombia from August, 2007

Medellín, Colombia: The Recipe

  16 August 2007

‘La Receta’ (“The Recipe”) – a video production by the participants of the Rising Voices’ project, HiperBarrio, in Medellín, Colombia. To watch the video with English subtitles click on the arrows on the lower-right-hand side of the video player. In the last podcast introducing the HiperBarrio project in Medellín, Colombia,...

Colombia: Next Stage of HiperBarrio

  16 August 2007

Juliana Rincón of Medea Material [ES] announces the launch of the next stage of the HiperBarrio project, which will begin on Saturday, August 18 in Santo Domingo Savio.

Colombia: Moncayo's Walk for Hostage Release

  9 August 2007

Pablo Emilio Moncayo was kidnapped by FARC guerrillas in December of 1997. His father, schoolteacher Gustavo Moncayo, decided to walk with his daughter from his hometown to Bogotá to seek a "humanitarian exchange", or a prisoner swap of around 50 kidnapped individuals, including his son. Moncayo entered Bogotá on Wednesday, August 1, where he later met with President Alvaro Uribe. The events that transpired caused many reactions from Colombian bloggers, many of whom felt empathy for Moncayo's plight and humanity.

Medellin, Colombia: From Kidnapping Capital to Renaissance City

  7 August 2007

Medellín Colombia is synonymous with drugs, with Pablo Escobar, Marxist guerilla groups, and violent paramilitarists. But over the past decade it is also becoming well known and well regarded for having one of the most ambitious social experiments in Latin America. In this first part of a two-part podcast we become better acquainted with modern day Medellín.

Colombia: Art, Poetry and Flower Festivals in Medellín

  7 August 2007

Colombian bloggers recently wrote about the end of the MDE07 Art Festival, an event which attempted to bring contemporary art back into local conversations and back into the lives of the citizens. They also discussed the recent International Poetry festival and the upcoming Fair of the Flowers.