· September, 2007

Stories about Colombia from September, 2007

Colombia: The Story of Arturito

28 September 2007

Andrea Rojas Cartagena, a participant in Medellin's Hiperbarrio project, tells the story of Arturito in her blog aptly named Historias de Personas [ES].

Colombia: Medeatón For Pop!Tech 2007

  19 September 2007

Global Voices author Juliana Rincón aka Medea was recently invited to the Pop!Tech conference next month. However, the scholarship did not cover much of the travel expenses to Maine. As a result, the Medellin blogging community has organized a Medeatón to help raise funds to send her to Maine in...

Colombia: Trans-Atlantic Interest in Cocaine

  19 September 2007

Sergio Mendez of Un colombiano más (reloaded) [ES] makes a startling discovery while working at an archive. In a letter dated 1889, a businessman in France wrote to the Colombian consul in Paris expressing great interest in the commerce of a substance called cocaine.

Colombia: Failed State?

  19 September 2007

In his recent article at equinoXio [ES], Carlos Raúl van der Weyden Velásquez writes about the ways many are measuring whether Colombia is better or worse off than before.

Colombia: Bogus Earthquake Alarm in Bogotá

  8 September 2007

A prank was recently played on the entire city of Bogota, in which an individual called several companies indicating that a massive earthquake to strike the capital city. The false alarm sent many scurrying for safety and left the phone lines of the local seismology center at the point of collapse. Some Colombian bloggers and forum members provided the reminder that earthquakes cannot be predicted and lamented the fact that many Bogotans were unprepared in the event of a real emergency.

Colombia: Dutch Woman's Secret FARC Guerrilla Diary

  6 September 2007

During a raid on a FARC guerrilla camp, the Colombian army found part of a diary kept by a Dutch woman who for the past 5 years has been living and working with the FARC. Colombian bloggers react to this discovery by lamenting the misguided ideas of these foreigners and others wonder what is the fascination with adventures like these.

Colombia: Hiperbarrio Workshops

  1 September 2007

The project Hiperbarrio, an outreach project based in Medellin, recently completed its first two workshops in the neighborhood of Santo Domingo Savio. A podcast recorded by the workshop facilitators and the creation of blogs by the participants are two of the articles on the project blog.