· February, 2007

Stories about Colombia from February, 2007

Colombia: Radio Cápsula

  27 February 2007

blogsColombia recommends the fantastic internet radio program Radio Cápsula with its focus on Colombian and Latin American electronic music. Archives of the Creative Commons-licensed show can be downloaded as podcasts.

Colombia: 100 Years of Solitude

  24 February 2007

It is the 40th anniversary of Gabriel García Márquez's Cien años de soledad, described here by Posthegemony as “a long, sprawling novel that lacks much in the way of a conventional plot. Rather, it is full of events and incidents, digressions and flashbacks or flashforwards, not least the famous flashforward...

Cracker attacks the Colombian blogosphere

  22 February 2007

Lully, from Reflexiones al Desnudo, a renowned Colombian blog which has been featured in BlogsColombia as “best blog,” had her blog hijacked and sabotaged this past weekend and it has now disappeared. Where you could previously read well written memoirs and stories with an erotic tint, a message appeared stating...

Colombia: Blogs Hacked

19 February 2007

Álvaro Ramírez Ospina tries to stir up support in the Colombian blogging community [ES] for the four bloggers whose websites were hacked and content erased this past weekend. Jorge Gobbi had written about a similar spurt of attacks in the Spanish-language blogosphere two months ago.

Colombia, Latin America: TeleSur Goes Creative Commons

  13 February 2007

Colombian lawyer and blogger Carolina Botero notes that the multi-government-funded cable news network, TeleSur has decided to publish all of its content with a Creative Commons license [ES]. “Will this decision serve to distribute content especially on the internet? I imagine that only time will tell.”

USA, Colombia: “Nothing new for Plan Colombia 2″

  5 February 2007

“About an hour ago, the State Department released the broad outlines of its 2008 aid request. Its so-called “Function 150″ document gives us a rough, but pretty fair, estimate of what the Bush administration is asking Congress to give Colombia next year.” According to Adam Isacson of the Center for...