· April, 2007

Stories about Colombia from April, 2007

Colombia: Leading Cause of Death for Children in Bogota

  27 April 2007

Balada Del Elefante Azul [ES] is frustrated at the fact that the leading cause of death for children aged 12-17 in Bogota is by bullet or knife. He is also bothered by a culture that seems to applaud those that “appear on television and proudly saying that they were a...

Getting to Know Global Voices’ Latin America Team

  25 April 2007

Some of the very best weblogs from around Latin America hardly ever receive mention on Global Voices. That's because their authors are also contributors here and spend most of their time drawing your attention to others' posts. Well, it's long past time to highlight their personal creativity and boundless enthusiasm for new media in Latin America.

Colombia: Al Gore's Snub

  23 April 2007

President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia has been attracting a lot of criticism for his alleged ties with paramilitary forces in his country. Because of these unclear links, former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore officially dropped out of an environmental conference where Uribe would be in attendance. The Colombia Herald writes about...

Colombia: Putumayo YouTube Videos

  23 April 2007

“In early 2004, colleagues at the Colombian human-rights group MINGA gave us a very interesting, and potentially useful, CD. It contained several videos of interviews with peoplein the southern Colombian department of Putumayo – farmers, indigenous leaders, teachers, health workers, alternative-development workers, a mayor. MINGA gave us the CD three...

Colombia: The disappointing debate on paramilitarism in Antioquia

  19 April 2007

Yesterday finally the long awaited “debate” on paramilitarism in Antioquia department, where President Álvaro Uribe was born and was Governor from 1995 to 1997, was held at the Colombian congress. There was a lot of interest on the topic, because opposition senator and former M-19 guerrilla leader Gustavo Petro had said he would reveal a list of 2,000 figures allegedly involved with paramilitarism.

Colombia: “From Chocó to Chicó”

  17 April 2007

“How unexpected: Colombia’s northwest department (province) of Chocó is suddenly en vogue. After the scandalous death of 49 children from hunger in the last three months—adding to countless others we’ve never heard about—everyone seems to have an opinion about Chocó,” writes César Rodríguez on the weblog of the North American...

Colombia: Celebrating Internet Week in Medellín

5 April 2007

Noting that BlogsColombia recently organized a successful blogger bash in Bogotá, Juliana Parra and fellow Medellín bloggers are now planning their own event to celebrate Internet Week from May 14 – 18. A Medellín metro blog – MedalloBloguero [ES] – has already been set up.

Colombia: Protesting Hunger

  2 April 2007

Voices are starting to rise up against malnutrition in Colombia. First Carlos Raúl van der Weyden Velásquez writes “we should not be surprised” after news leaked out about the the dozens of starving children who died in Western Chocó department. Adam Isacson describes a protest against hunger in the Colombian...