· March, 2009

Stories about Colombia from March, 2009

Colombia: Are Politicians Making the Most Out of Twitter?

  24 March 2009

In the last few weeks, as the race for the May 2010 presidential elections has started, two presidential candidates have decided to join the Colombian 'twittosphere'. But, after some initial skepticism, Colombian twitterers show that both candidates (or staffers within their campaigns) are failing to reach the intended audience correctly.

Colombia: Against the Release of Guerrilla Fighters

  20 March 2009

Charly from Carlos Cuentero [es] and Alejogalvis from Censura20 [es] show their outrage for the release of two high profile FARC members from prison, who will become “promoters of peace”, according to the government. Charly says “it's a mockery for the victims of these criminals and those who have worked...

Colombia: Documenting the trucker's life on the road

  17 March 2009

What is life like when you are constantly on the road? Blogger Francisco Cárdenas, best known for his blog Cine al Oído, has set out to experience that and share it with us online on 8ruedas. He will climb aboard Juan Camilo's truck with a photographer friend to explore the Colombian roads and find out the secrets, stories and adventures truck driver's hold to share online in real time through streaming video, twitter updates and pictures uploads.

Colombia: Insecurity at Antioquia University

  14 March 2009

A former student at Antioquia University in Medellín, Colombia was killed with six shots to the head by two masked men. Juliana Rincón of Medea Material [es] provides some of the reaction in forums and email lists to the insecurity at the university.

Colombia: Monuments and Landmarks

  10 March 2009

A year ago we wrote about Vlog International, a network of Spanish speaking vloggers who send in videos on a certain topic, and then one of them puts them all together into a short collaborative video. This last one asked vloggers to show which monuments are an important part of their city, and the answers came from different parts of Colombia, Mexico, and the US.

Americas: Celebrating Women's Day

  10 March 2009

Bloggers from across Latin America also commemorated International Women's Day with posts about the day which is celebrated every March 8 throughout the world. Some also took the opportunity to reflect on some of the issues facing women, but also featured initiatives that are working to alleviate some of these problems.

Colombia: More on the Illegal Wire Tappings

  3 March 2009

Last week, the illegal wire tapping scandal uncovered by Semana news magazine was the main headline in most news outlets and the talk of the day on some blogs in Colombia. Bloggers continue to write about this issue and react to the steps taken by the government in light of the revelations.

Colombia: Medellin tastes fear again

  3 March 2009

Fear has returned to the citizens of Medellin, Colombia. A few days ago we wrote about the return of curfews and restrictions on male passengers on motorcycles, both created by the government to ensure security in the city, but now, the ones spreading fear are unknown authors of leaflets and fliers slipped under doors and passed hand to hand which state that no one is allowed after 9 or 10 pm at night in the streets of certain areas of the city, in an effort to cleanse it of unwanted denizens.