· April, 2008

Stories about Colombia from April, 2008

Colombia: Memories of a Love Dashed by the Guerrillas

  28 April 2008

Uhelmdn of Airsounds [es] remembers an episode in his hometown of Ciudad Bolívar, Colombia, where an encounter with a platonic love had to be forgotten as word that the guerrillas had arrived into the town spread like wildfire causing panic forcing everyone to flee home.

Colombia: Latin American Web 2.0 Gathering

  27 April 2008

Victor Solano of ¿Comunicación? [es] provides a post-event evaluation of the First Latin American Web 2.0 Gathering held in Bogotá, Colombia, which attracted 160 attendees and another 130 virtual participants.

Colombia: Diverse Cultures in Public Universities

  22 April 2008

Lluvias de Locuras [es] provides thoughts on the public universities in Colombia and concludes that “many cultures come together that contribute to the development of the educational community, but there is also a very harmful counter-culture.”

Vlog International: collaboration across borders

Vlog International is a project bringing together Spanish speaking vloggers: people submit their ideas, one is chosen and everyone records their piece, someone edits them together and they are published on their site. They began in 2006, when a group of friends got together to do a video homage for...

Colombia: 60th Anniversary of the Murder of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán

  10 April 2008

Many Colombians believe that if charismatic Colombian Liberal Party leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán had not been shot and killed on April 9, 1948, he would have become President of Colombia in 1950, and maybe the fate of this troubled South American country would have been quite different. Colombian bloggers remember the man and observe some of the commemorative events in the capital, Bogotá.

Colombia: Internet Usage Survey

  6 April 2008

A recent poll conducted of 7,000 Colombian revealed some interesting findings regarding internet use in that country. Bloggings by Boz has some thoughts on the results.

Colombia: Movie Based on the Book “Killing Pablo”

  3 April 2008

A movie about the life and times of Colombian drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar based on the book “Killing Pablo” has received the green light. Good Times in Medellín, Colombia writes that the director Joe Carnahan received permission from Escobar's son to go through with the film.

Colombia: bloggers gathering signatures for copyright and industrial property letter

  2 April 2008

Carolina Botero, lawyer and Creative Commons promoter in Colombia has been asking bloggers and anyone else with computer access and an interest in what are popularly called "intellectual property rights" to sign an open letter which will be sent to CONPES, the National Council for Social and Economic Politics, to counter a bill the DNP (National Planning Department) previously sent to them, where the new models of sharing knowledge that provide alternatives to the traditional "protection and enforcement" policies were completely ignored.