· March, 2006

Stories about Colombia from March, 2006

Colombia: New Blog from Munich

  24 March 2006

AwayTeam is the weblog of Jorge Gooding, a Colombian engineer who is currently living in Munich. Not surprisingly, many of his posts focus on football.

Bolivia, Peru, Colombia: Coca

  15 March 2006

A small Andean plant which was once used to flavor Coca-Cola, continues to make waves across the Western Hemisphere. Niko Kyriakou, writing from Caracas, describes the cultural and legal differences between South America and North America regarding the plant, which can be refined to make cocaine. Wall Street Cafe says...

Colombia: High Abstention in Congressional Elections

  13 March 2006

Colombian bloggers have so far said very little about Sunday's congressional elections, but Boz did update his readers on El Salvador and Colombia throughout the day. Sergio Méndez of Bogotá is amazed by the 60% abstention rate (ES) and describes President Uribe as, “despite all his rhetoric, more and more...

Colombia, El Salvador: Sunday Elections

  10 March 2006

Both Colombia and El Salvador are off to the polls on Sunday for congressional elections. This prompts Adam Isacson to post a translation of a who's who chart of Colombian candidates, their parties, and their main positions. Hunnapuh, on the other hand, has a far less serious list of “tips...

¡Feliz Día de la Mujer!

  9 March 2006

You certainly don't need to speak Spanish to feel the raised hairs on your neck as you watch this moving video, edited by Argentine blogger Malearg, which recounts the progress and achievements made by women across the globe. Erwin of The Latin Americanist points out that this year has brought...

Colombia: Trafficking of Women

  8 March 2006

On this International Women's Day, John Guzman is saddened that when you search for “Colombian women” on the internet, the majority of results are “buy a bride” websites. Juan Gratinaiano Lopez reminds (ES) readers to “not see women only as a sexual object, but rather like human beings with great...

Colombia: Happy Birthday Gabo

  6 March 2006

John Guzman wishes Gabriel José García Márquez a happy birthday as the Colombian author turns 78 today. Both Morgan Burton and Zarela Morales list Gabriel Garcia Marquez as one of their favorite authors.

Colombia: Much Ado About Nothing?

  2 March 2006

Andres Duque writes about a small story that made a big wave when a council member from Tulua, Colombia proposed a bill that would have required all Tulua male residents 14 years of age or older to carry a condom or face a $180 dollar penalty. Duque notes that, so...