· December, 2008

Stories about Colombia from December, 2008

Burning the Year Away: New Year Traditions

  30 December 2008

In many South American countries, it has become a tradition to burn human shaped representations of the previous year, as a way to get rid of everything bad that the year brought, and leave way for the new. The following videos show some of these traditions and some of the controversy soome of them have sparked.

Americas: A Look Back at 2008

  26 December 2008

In 2008, the Latin American team from Global Voices helped add context and helped highlight voices of bloggers that wrote about the numerous news stories that took place across the region. From the election of an ex-bishop in Paraguay to the march against the FARC in Colombia, bloggers provided their thoughts on natural disasters, protests, strikes, and important events across the Americas.

Colombia: The Murders of Journalists

  22 December 2008

A recent investigation in Colombia found that the majority of journalist murders have remained with impunity. Victor Solano of ¿Comunicación? [es] asks, “How many more journalists must die before the situation is seen as a priority?“

Cuba: García Márquez Gives Scriptwriting Workshop

  15 December 2008

In Cuba, Zenia Regalado writes about Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez’ annual workshop given at Havana's International School of Theater and Television [es]. Ten students participate in the workshop with the aim of writing a movie script.

Colombia: Pablo Escobar's Brother Makes Claim of AIDS Cure

  9 December 2008

Colombia's twitterers are buzzing about the television declaration of the cure and vaccine for AIDS that druglord Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto states he has discovered. So far, the only available information regarding the claim can be seen on 6 month-old low quality videos of testimonies by people claiming to have...