· June, 2007

Stories about Colombia from June, 2007

Colombia: Outrage and Anger at FARC for the Death of 11 Lawmakers

  29 June 2007

Colombians awoke on the morning of June 28 to the news that 11 of 12 kidnapped deputies had been killed. The word from the FARC rebel group was that they were caught in the crossfire when the Colombian army staged a rescue attempt, however, many bloggers do not buy their explanation, as contempt for this group continues to grow and grow.

Colombia: Pixelazo New Media Urban Lab and Medellín Blogger Meetup

  21 June 2007

Colombia has been enjoying a flurry of new media-related activities. Last week was the MedalloBloguero (the city of Medellin´s blog community) beers and blogs, where Colombian bloggers in the city got to meet each other, talk, and share drinks. A guest visitor from Bogota, Victor Solano took pictures and posted...

Colombia: A Self-Interview

  14 June 2007

The Colombia Blog Herald writes about a paramilitary leader's “self-interview,” which was a paid advertisement where he calls himself a “peace businessman.”

Colombia: Misery Porn

  12 June 2007

Juliana Rincon of Medea Material [ES] introduces the concept of Pornomiseria (Misery Porn), which is a term to describe film that exploits poverty and human misery to make money. In Colombia, “in certain manner we always wait to hear that in Colombia there is a lot of narcotrafficking, drugs, violence,...

Americas: Recent Poll Numbers

  5 June 2007

Bloggings by Boz returns with his regular installment of poll numbers from across the region. The summary post includes news from Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina.