· September, 2006

Stories about Colombia from September, 2006

Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil: Craig Barrett in Latin America

  26 September 2006

Leo Prieto publishes the tellingly titled post, “Craig Barrett came to Chile with WiMax and 1,000 computers under his arm.” [ES] Ricardo Carreón has a much more personal description of Barrett's visit to Chile and his trip throughout Latin America.

Latin America: Digital Leaders Forum

  21 September 2006

Ricardo Carreón has ongoing updates from the Digital Leaders Forum in Cartagena, Colombia, which according to Carreón is “the most relevant event to discuss Digital Inclusion and how to use technology to promote competitiveness and growth in Latin America.”

Colombia: Legal Rights for Same-Sex Couples

  21 September 2006

Andrés Duque describes a little known bill currently being discussed in congress that could extend legal rights to same-sex couples in Colombia and enjoys the surprising support of President Alvaro Uribe.

Translating Claroline into Quechua, Aymara, and Guaraní

  19 September 2006

Editor's Note: It has already been mentioned several times on Global Voices that the world's first Quechua, Guaraní, or Aymara native speaker to blog has yet to arrive. There are several obvious reasons including lack of broadband penetration into the Andes, high cost of internet access, and the absence of...

Colombia: Creative Commons Launch

  7 September 2006

Alvaro Ramirez calls the Colombian launch of Creative Commons “a complete success” (ES). Colombian project lead, Carolina Botero, is asking readers to help translate and subtitle (ES) the presentation of Lawrence Lessig at the launch.

Colombia: Paramilitary Leader Found Dead

6 September 2006

Adam Isacson gives some link love to others discussing Colombian issues. Randy Paul offers his own thoughts on the discovery of paramilitary founder Carlos Castano.

BlogDay 2006 in Latin America

  5 September 2006

On August 31 bloggers around the world tried to make the planet a tad smaller, a wee bit more familiar, by introducing five new blogs to their readers. Here is a look at how some Latin American bloggers chose to celebrate the day. Let's start in Mexico where Ricardo Carréon,...

Global Food Blog Report #30

  3 September 2006

#1: From Navarra, Spain, Garbancita (ES) shows off with a delectable "Mermelada de Cebolla" (Onion Marmalade). According to the creator, it is amazingly easy to prepare and it is delicious served with foie. She prepared it two months ago and brought it along with the biggest foie she found, as...