· June, 2010

Stories about Colombia from June, 2010

Colombia: Rethinking the War on Drugs

  23 June 2010

Albeiro Rodas writes for Colombia Passport about recent reports from The United Nations Office on Drugs (UNODC) and says that “for an international community opinion […] this War on Drugs is divided and it has several points to recognize and rethink.”

Colombia: Beauty Queen falls from Molested Mare

  21 June 2010

Diarionocturno brings us citizen video from a regional Colombian parade: Keeping calm was impossible for this beauty queen in Andalucia, Colombia as the mare she was riding during a festival turned out to be in heat and was courted by a stallion who tried to mount both beauty queen and...

Colombia: Twitter and Facebook Users Report Possible Election Fraud

  9 June 2010

Twitter and Facebook were buzzing with images of discrepancies between the forms where votes were manually counted and the reported results for the past Presidential elections. These differences affected the number of votes for each candidate and voting totals, and had the population wondering about possible election fraud, as can...

Colombia: Reactions to Presidential Elections from the Blogosphere

  2 June 2010

The Colombian blogosphere also reacted to the outcome of the presidential elections held on May 30, discussing why the Green party candidate, Antanas Mockus, lost to the candidate of the ruling coalition, Juan Manuel Santos. They also analyzed what is in store for the political atmosphere in Colombia after the June 20 run-off election.