· August, 2005

Stories about Colombia from August, 2005

Colombia: Alberto Gonzales, meet

29 August 2005

Plan Colombia and Beyond has the untold story of the “Gordo Lindo” while U.S. Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales was in Bogotá last week.

Ecuador: Against Recruiting of Mercenaries

  16 August 2005

The Ecuadorean government has expressed reservations about the recruitment of mercenary soldiers out of the port city of Manta. Concern rose over this job posting offering ex-Colombian soldiers as private security workers in Iraq.

Colombia: Visiting Colombia

5 August 2005

At the five year anniversary of Plan Colombia, Boz has some excellent and optimistic observations about his latest trip to Colombia/a>.

Colombia: 20 New Female Politicians

4 August 2005

Jeanette Jalil, writing from Chile, has the story of 20 women elected to official posts in Bogota, Colombia after being interviewed by the mayor in what she says was a type of “reality show.”

Colombia: Putumayo, 5 years later

1 August 2005

Plan Colombia and Beyond takes a look at the Putomayo region of Colombia five years after the implementation of Plan Colombia and concludes, “the lesson of Putumayo should be that temporary surges in military activity, however ambitious, will not bring meaningful results on their own.”