· March, 2007

Stories about Colombia from March, 2007

Colombia: Garcia Marquez Honoured

  27 March 2007

Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his “extraordinary literary career” were the toast of the fourth Congress of the Spanish Language held in Colombia. The Latin Americanist gives details.

Colombia: Para-Politicos

  16 March 2007

More watchdog blogging from Adam Isacson: “here is our most current list of Colombian government officials and congresspeople facing accusations of assisting or associating with paramilitary groups.”

Electronic arts scene mingles with marginalized communities in Colombia

  16 March 2007

Take electronic media, a community with a violent history and music, and you have the necessary ingredients to make a Pixelazo. “Pixelazo is the new Colombian node in the Pixelache festival network. The first Pixelazo event will be organised by Intermundos.org in collaboration with Pixelache Helsinki and several Colombian collaborators.”...

Cuba, Colombia: Meeting Gabo

  6 March 2007

On the occasion of the writer's 80th birthday, el Cubano de la isla meditates upon (es) a fleeting encounter between Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez and Ernest Hemingway in Paris: “The sad thing is that when wake up tomorrow, I'm not going to be in Paris, but in Havana, and...