· March, 2013

Stories about Colombia from March, 2013

Colombia's Indigenous Set Development Goals

  21 March 2013

1) the protection of indigenous territory; 2) indigenous self-government; 3) the self-development of indigenous communities on the basis of equilibrium and harmony; 4) free, prior and informed consent as a condition for developments on indigenous land; and 5) the ‘institutional redesign’ of the state in its relations with indigenous peoples....

The State of Torture in the World in 2013

  10 March 2013

On January 23, 2013, an excerpt from the annual report of l'ACAT-France, A World of Torture 2013, makes a fresh assessment of the state of torture in the world [fr]: “A report called A World of Torture in 2013, assesses torture practices that continue to be alarming, from Pakistan to...

Medellín, Colombia: Innovative but Unequal

  5 March 2013

On March 1, WSJ Magazine announced that Medellín had been chosen as the most innovative city of the world in the contest “City of the Year.” That same day, the press reported the UN had declared the city one of the most unequal in the world. The big contrast in these two reports has generated various reactions on social networks.

Colombia's President: Nobel Peace Prize?

  5 March 2013

During the afternoon of March 4, 2013, Colombians found out [es] that their current president, Juan Manuel Santos, is one of the 259 candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize. Various netizens showed their disagreement using the hashtag #SantosNobeldelainfamia [es, Santos Nobel of Infamy].

“What if Superman had Landed in India?”

  4 March 2013

Colombian blog Diario Nocturno wonders “What if Superman had landed in India?” [es]: We all know that Superman, while he was just a superbaby, fled planet Krypton in a space capsule, just before its destruction and landed (oh, what a coincidence) in Smallville, Kansas. But, what if he had landed,...