· August, 2010

Stories about Colombia from August, 2010

Latin America: Blog Day Celebrated through Web Conferences

  29 August 2010

Celebrate Blog Day today with a day long online summit. The III Virtual Blogger Encounter will have speakers from Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and Spain engaging through webcams with an international online audience about blogs, branding and other social networks.

Colombia: President Santos and Human Rights

  23 August 2010

Valentina Díaz Gómez writes [es] about President Juan Manuel Santos and human rights in Colombia on her blog Realidades Colombianas. She hopes the media will report on human rights violations rather than cover them up, and that Santos and organizations like Human Rights Watch will find a way to work...

Colombia: Technology as Synonym for Jobs and Development

  23 August 2010

Carlos Correa writes [es] in his technology blog, Blog de Kloscorrea, about technology as a synonym for development and job creation in Colombia. He says the government needs to make regulations and policies that benefit the technology sector, and that Colombians need to stop feeling “small” next to other countries...

Colombia: Siblings Create Dining Hall for Hungry Children

  20 August 2010

María Eugenia, from the blog La Mariposa, writes [es] about María Cenelia and Carlos Hernán, a sister and brother who created a dining hall for children in Cali, Colombia. The hall became foundation Funcreamor, serving children that would otherwise go hungry. The foundation has a Facebook [es] profile where they...

Colombia: Ongoing Online Reactions to Mass Grave La Macarena

  20 August 2010

The discovery of a mass grave holding more that 2,000 bodies next to a military base in Colombia has sparked a heated and ongoing debate. Although the story was reported months ago, the lack of transparency and clear facts from the media and the government have kept the online discussion going. Colombians have turned to social networks to try to make sense of the macabre discovery.

Colombia: The Clear Path for President-Elect Santos

  3 August 2010

As Juan Manuel Santos prepares to assume the presidency in Colombia on August 7, Jaime Restrepo of the blog Atrabilioso [es] writes that Santos has a clear path ahead because of the clear mandate provided by the voters and because of the almost unanimous support for fellow party member Armando...