· November, 2006

Stories about Colombia from November, 2006

Colombia: TeleSur Reporter Arrested

  27 November 2006

The Narcosphere and Western Hemisphere Policy Watch come to different conclusions on the detention of TeleSur reporter Freddy Muñoz by Colombian authorities. Dan Feder of Narcosphere writes: “At the very least, the Colombian government, in allowing the press to discover the accusations against Muñoz has made a very heavy-handed attempt...

Colombia: “Genesis”

24 November 2006

Explaining the inspiration to start a blog, “Bacata” writes, “I decided to set this blog so to allow the English speaking people that are interested in knowing about Colombia have an idea of Colombia. For many people overseas Colombia is a lawless state, which before the war in Afghanistan and...

Colombia: “Outside the Lourdes Church, the bodies of two men”

  16 November 2006

“Around 11pm on Sunday night, November 5th, responding to a phone call by a passer-by, police inves- tigators in Bogota found two men sitting on the steps outside the Lourdes Church in Bogota. One of the men had an arm around the other man's shoulder. Neither man was alive.” So...

Colombia: Studying Should be Like Reading Blogs

  15 November 2006

Colombian blogger Arlovich Correa Manchola says [ES]: “studying should be just as fun as reading and authoring blogs. But, today, it's as boring as having to listen to anachronistic old people who nest their truth in history.”

Colombia: Global Mayors

  14 November 2006

Cities of Joy describes the sustainable legacy of Bogotá's former mayor, Enrique Peñalosa. Bicycle Mark recently featured current Bogotá mayor, Luis Eduardo Garzón (“Lucho”) as part of his “global mayors” podcast series. And finally, a Creative Commons-licensed video interview with Enrique Peñalosa is available at NYC Streets Renaissance.

Colombia, El Salvador: Shakira

  8 November 2006

John Guzman at Proyecto Colombia congratulates Shakira who took home four Latin Grammy’s. Tim Muth says that just a couple days later the Colombian pop diva was in San Salvador as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador promoting anti-violence activities among the youth of the country.

Colombia: Interesting poll numbers

  8 November 2006

Citing the most recent Invamer-Gallup poll of 1,000 Colombians in four cities and notes that President Álvaro Uribe's popularity fell six percentage points.

Colombia, Peru: Medellin Poetry Festival

  1 November 2006

Liz Henry recounts an incredible (if not completely credible) story about the 1995 Medellin Poetry Festival where poets were kidnapped until they secured their freedom by reciting poetry to their captors. For more info on this year's Medellin Poetry Festival, check out Henry's post and the blogs she links to.