· October, 2005

Stories about Colombia from October, 2005

Colombia: “The Narco in All of Us”

28 October 2005

Responding to recent criticism of President Uribe, Parce says that all Colombians have, in some way, indirectly supported the “narco traficantes.”

Colombia: Finding Optimism Online

20 October 2005

Sir Tropical looks for some positive thinking on the web and finds I Believe in Colombia, a foundation stressing hope and empowerment.

Colombia: Changing Outsider Perception

18 October 2005

Logtar explains why he has created a new blog, Proyecto Colombia to help educate non-Colombians about the positive aspects of his home country.

Colombia: BogoWiki

13 October 2005

Alejandro Forero Cuervo and Blue Elephant have been hard at work making BogoWiki, a collaborative, online guide to the city of Bogotá. There is also a space for making denouncements and recommendations related to local businesses and government.

Colombia: Repressing Dissent

12 October 2005

Colom Buenazo is upset with president Uribe's government after yesterday's violence between police and protesters in Santa Rosa. The post has generated passionate discussion.