· February, 2006

Stories about Colombia from February, 2006

Colombia: “Manual eradication in parks: set up to fail?”

16 February 2006

Adam Isacson explains that aerial fumigation has caused Colombian coca growers to plant their crop in Colombia's national parks and that new proposals call for extending the fumigation to the parks or recruiting manual eradicators to dig the plant up.

Colombia: Hernán Giraldo

9 February 2006

Adam Isacson tells the story of Hernán Giraldo, a drug-trafficking paramilitary leader, who will be released from prison in six and a half years as a beneficiary of the “Justice and Peace Law.”

Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil: Everyone Loves Condoms

  8 February 2006

Risa writes about “An Interesting Proposal” made by the mayor of the Colombian town, Tulua which would “require all the residents over 14 to carry a condom with them at all times. If someone is stopped and doesn't have a condom they will be required to pay 408 pesos ($108).”...