· July, 2006

Stories about Colombia from July, 2006

Colombia: The Casa de Paz

  27 July 2006

Adam Isacson writes from Medellín, where he describes his visit to the Casa de Paz: “The sole resident of the Casa de Paz is Francisco Galán, an ELN guerrilla leader whom the government captured in the mid-1990s. Galán is very unlikely to attempt an escape: from his previous jail cell...

Global Food Blog Report #25

  25 July 2006

#1: From Malaysia, Tham Jiak on Tastes of YesterLife: If one's life can be determine by food preferences, I believe that I might be an Indian in my past life. As much as I love Chinese cuisines, I am strangely drawn towards Indian food, my five senses transfix on the...

Colombia: Cyber-war

  19 July 2006

Colombian blogger Bluelephant says (ES) that a group of Muslim cyber-criminals called “The Islamic Brigade” is carrying out selective attacks on weblogs with a pro-Israel political line: “They erase them and publish personal information about the authors. Among those affected are various friends from simply Bloom (e.g. http://kozure.blogspot.com, http://herut.blogspot.com, http://heruth.blogspot.com....

Bahamas: A drug lord's legacy

  19 July 2006

In light to recent rumours that notorious Colombian drug lord Carlos Lehder was seen partying at a Bahamian resort, Larry Smith discusses Lehder's “Bahamian legacy”: “The bottom line was that one of the world's biggest criminal enterprises, managed by one of the world's highest-profile crooks, was able to operate with...

Colombia: First WiMax Network in Cali

  12 July 2006

Engadget, Fayer Wayer (ES), and the podcast Todos Contra el Muro (ES) all discuss Latin America's first deployment of WiMax long-range wireless internet coverage in Cali, Colombia.

Colombia: FARC's Political Will

  7 July 2006

As Colombian President Álvaro Uribe begins his second term, Adam Isacson tackles two difficult questions: Has the FARC rediscovered politics? Does it matter?

Colombia: Blackface at Bogota Pride

  4 July 2006

Andrés Duque has a thorough summary of pride parades from around Latin America, including a disturbed observation of the use of blackface imagery in Colombia.