· April, 2007

Stories about Pakistan from April, 2007

Pakistan: Roadmap to Peace

  26 April 2007

At The Pakistani Spectator, an Indian living in Doha talks of the roadmap to peace. “In my conversations with both Pakistani and Indian taxi drivers is that both Indians and Pakistanis are fed wrong ideas about the others by their respective governments, My interactions with Pakistanis from Peshawar or Lahore...

Pakistan: The Hypocrisy

  24 April 2007

the olive ream sums up global politics. ““I before E except after C” is a mnemonic device that helps me remember the rule for spelling certain words in the English language, such as deceive and siege when I’m describing the actions of the Bush Administration. There’s also a less known...

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh: 1857

  23 April 2007

chapati mystery on the 1857 Mutiny (or the First War for Independence) and how historians choose to interpret it. “Colonial historiography on the Rebellion quickly cemented around John Kaye’s immense three volume A History of the Sepoy War in India, 1857-1858 (1868) which portrayed the Rebellion as the mutiny of...

Pakistan: Panjpeer Rockies

  23 April 2007

An Islooite's day out at Metroblogging Islamabad. “I was surprised this Sunday to find one of the best kept secrets of Islooite outback. I have never seen such rock formations and hills made of of huge sandstone boulders stretching for miles. And I named them the “Panjpeer Rockies””

Pakistan: ISPs

  20 April 2007

Tee Emm on Pakistan has a post on the ISPs doing business. “The News is saying that at least two groups, one of which is from UAE, wants to take up the smaller ISPs in the country in an effort to capture the left-over Internet part of the telecommunication sector...

Pakistan: Praying and Playing

  16 April 2007

The Pakistani Spectator doesn't take very kindly to comments made by the Pakistani Cricket Team's manager about the connection between Namaz (the ritual of prayer) and playing. “But its shocking that in an Islamic country people are blaming Namaz and religious activities for the defeat. Namza differentiates between a Muslim...

Pakistan: Want to “make friendship”?

  13 April 2007

A strong step taken to publish numbers of people who harass others by calling them up at Behind the Chairman's Door. “First off, it takes a small man to call someone up and harass them, but then most of Pakistan’s male society is frustrated because of the Mullah code. Now,...

Pakistan: Driving in Lahore

  13 April 2007

Light Within on traffic in Lahore. “they will always drives at a speed less than 40 kilometres per hour along the middle of recently beautified, recently widened Lahore roads, and forget the distinctly marked speed lanes. They drive without looking left or right as if mesmerized by the taillights or...

Pakistan: The Umpires

  12 April 2007

Metroblogging Lahore reminds us that while the cricket team may not have fared well at the World Cup 2007, the Pakistani umpires are doing a great job. “Not very long ago, Pakistani umpires were looked down upon – Remember Javed Iqbal of Ashes fame? But these two have done exceptionally...

Pakistan: No Hugs please

  10 April 2007

To each its own on why women in Pakistan cannot get their hugs. “As per the fatwa, “hugging” was an illegitimate and forbidden act and Muslim women are expected to stay at home and never venture out uncovered. The fatwa demanded that Bakhtiar be fired, given another unspecified punishment and...

Pakistan: What is a “Progressive Muslim”?

  9 April 2007

iFaqeer attempts unpacking the various adjectives used for Muslims, and wonders what a Progressive Muslim is. “There is one universally applicable Islam. But it is a comprehensive “deen”, a complete way of existing in this world. It is “jaama'e” (comprehensive) and has a complete code for every human being in...

Pakistan: Lawyers Rally

  4 April 2007

Metroblogging Islamabad on a rally to protest President Musharraf's removal of Pakistan's Chief Justice. “The rally in Islamabad on Tuesday was the biggest street protest yet in the capital in protest of Musharraf's removal of Ifitkhar Mohammed Chaudhry, the court's chief justice, on March 9. The move sparked the biggest...

Pakistan, India: I am a bandit

  3 April 2007

Light Within on language. “In the Angkor period of Cambodian history (9th-15th century) numerous Sanskrit and Pali words (by way of Buddhism) were absorbed into the Khmer language, and subsequently into Thai, since Thailand was a Khmer colony. The new words adjusted to their new homes imbibing the rules of...

Pakistan: Rallies and celebration

  2 April 2007

Metroblogging Islamabad suggests that money be spent in better ways. “The huge amount of money spent on rallies that is, apart from political propoganda, is not effective at all and the lightening of buildings on such huge scale country-wide, this could have been spent on feeding few mouths, buying few...