· January, 2009

Stories about Pakistan from January, 2009

Pakistan: Taliban ban music in buses

  22 January 2009

Deadpan thoughts reports that after banning shopping for women in the troubled North of Pakistan, the Taliban threatened to ban all music and videos shown in public buses in their held territories.

Pakistan: Low Intensity Blasts in Lahore

  10 January 2009

Skb at Lahore Metblogs reports: “During last two hours, Lahore experienced four blasts near Alflah building on Mall Road and the recent, fifth blast is just heard near Tamaseel Theatre on Ferozpur Road.”

Pakistan: National Security Adviser Sacked Over Mumbai Terrorist Row

  7 January 2009

Five Rupees reports that mayhem followed after Maj. Gen. (R) Mahmud A. Durrani, the Pakistan Prime Minister's National Security Advisor admitted to media today that the the lone surviving Mumbai terrorist Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani. Later on the day Durrani was sacked by the Prime Minister and The Pakistan...

India, Pakistan: Proofs on Mumbai Attacks

  7 January 2009

India produced a dossier of evidence on the Mumbai terror attacks to Pakistan, which termed it as “insufficient”. The New Horizon takes a closer look at the evidences.

A Rap Tribute to Benazir Bhutto

  6 January 2009

Über Desi posts an YouTube video of a rap tribute to Benazir Bhutto, the assassinated ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, by her 18 year old daughter Bakhtawar Bhutto.