· November, 2006

Stories about Pakistan from November, 2006

Pakistan, India: Governance in Azad Kashmir

  29 November 2006

The Glasshouse comments on the state of governance and lack of telecommunications in Azad (Free) Kashmir. “It was shortly after the earthquake that I learnt that the so-called president, prime minister and cabinet ministers of that benighted place were more or less permanently ensconced in Rawalpindi, only making infrequent trips...

Pakistan: Government tracks your movement

  27 November 2006

The Oyster travel card in London maybe a bit more than just a device for convenience according to Suspect Paki. “If you register your Oyster Card, the police can, without your knowledge, determine the extent of all your London Transport wanderings.”

Pakistan: Headgear for Pakistan

  27 November 2006

All Things Pakistan has a wonderful post on headgear in Pakistan. “Even though with increased travel, TV, and urbanization some of the caps (not turbans, though) worn in one part of the country have also been adopted by people in other parts but, by and large, the cap or a...

Pakistan: A Healthy Diet

  25 November 2006

Sajjad Zaidi's Blog on having trouble finding something healthy to eat thanks to the food culture in Pakistan. “Our lives are getting more and more hectic and we have more money to indulge the taste buds, yet few people know much (or care) about nutrition and would rather enjoy their...

Trinidad & Tobago, India, Pakistan: In praise of cricketers

  23 November 2006

Mani sings the praises of West Indies cricket superstar Brian Lara, in the wake of the lightning-fast 216 runs he scored in the recently concluded 2nd Test against Pakistan. India's Sachin Tendulkar and Pakistani bowler Danish Kaneria — “only the second Hindu to ever represent Pakistan” — receive kudos as...

Pakistan: An abducted journalist and the Freedom of Press

  23 November 2006

The Glasshouse on the abduction and release of a BBC Journalist Dilawar Khan, and why freedom of the press is crucial in Pakistan. “As one of those Musharraf derided ‘extremist liberals’ your Blogger believes Press Freedom to be sacrosanct. In a country where you have a historically enfeebled parliament and...

Pakistan: A Cricket Match in 1989

  22 November 2006

Light Within shares the memories of a cricket match played between two colleges in 1989. “While both colleges boast of great talent in academics and sports, DJ college gets the best of two in cricket. However, for at-least one year in 1989, Adamjee College was able to beat DJ College...

Pakistan: Women from Islamabad

  22 November 2006

Metroblogging Islamabad profiles women from the city who have featured prominently in the public arena. “Here are five of the top movers and shakers based out of Islamabad who can be a beacon and role models for the rest. They come from diverse backgrounds ranging from government, entrepreneurship, and technology”

Pakistan: Blog-o-success

  21 November 2006

As part of my extremely philanthropic nature, (which not only parallels but also surpasses the likes of George Soros, Warran Buffet and Bill Gates some say) I have decided to share with you a colossal secret, hidden for years by the high order of the Cyber Templar. Risking life and...

South Asia: Politics, Happiness, Religion and The Birds

  20 November 2006

The latest from different blogs about the following South Asian Countries: Bangladesh: Bangladesh is facing a political crisis. Unheard Voices: Drishtipat group blog informs about a citizens movement in Bangladesh in which people are urged to wear a black badge demanding a free and fair election and to bring an...

South Asia: Tasers and students in UCLA

  18 November 2006

An Iranian-American student at UCLA was repeatedly shot with a taser for passively resisting arrest. Sepia Mutiny has more – with a video shot by an eye-witness, who uploaded it to YouTube. (note – not graphic, but the audio has the student screaming with pain.)

Pakistan: First impressions – Al Jazeera

  18 November 2006

Al Jazeera launched a new English news channel recently. A young Pakistani Doctor Blogs takes a closer look at the channel and appears to be impressed despite initial misgivings. “There were two in-depth stories of life in Darfur – one of a UNICEF aid worker in the region, and another...

Pakistan: The politics of Women Rights Bill

  16 November 2006

All Things Pakistan looks at the controversy surrounding the politics of the Women Rights Bill which would drastically change the rape laws in the country. However, the post cautions “It is clear that the major proponents of change in laws believe that too many political compromises have been made by...

Pakistan: Hudood Ordinance, Rape Laws and Extremism

  16 November 2006

jamalsadik.com on the Hudood Ordinance – the rape law that antagonized rape victims, and the repealing of this act in Pakistan. “Well it only took them about 30 years, but the Pakistani Government finally had enough with this nonsense. Perhaps Musharraf was getting embarrassed when it would come up over...

Pakistan, India: Foreign Affairs

  15 November 2006

The affairs between India and Pakistan are determined by the political affairs and turmoil within. PWC-ing explains. “A quick peace is always sought by the party most likely to lose from the perpetuation of the status quo.”

Pakistan: Clash of the fundamentalists

  15 November 2006

iFaqeer on a Muslim in the Congress in the US. “Keith Ellison, we non-African American Muslims have seen the victory the victory of a brother (with a pun intended) as our victory. It is wonderful, joyful, and so on.”

Pakistan: The last standing statue from the past

  14 November 2006

Cities with a colonial history often undergo face lifts, including a change in the public art and sculpture. Metroblogging Lahore on the stature of Alfred Woolner and a picture. “This I believe is the only statue of a human figure left in its original place in Lahore. Located across the...

Voices from South Asia

  13 November 2006

Bangladesh: Asif of Unheard Voices: Drishtipat Group Blog analyzes the current political situation in Bangladesh and urges all the Bangladeshis to take a non-partisan moral stand to get out of the current crisis. Andrew Morris writes an essay in Desicritics about the historical faces of Dhaka city titled Bangladesh Diary:...

Pakistan: Reactions to elections in the US

  9 November 2006

Azad Forever has a video with reactions to the elections in the US – “On the eve of the election night we sat down with some American and Pakistani-American Law Students to hear their thoughts on the elections as well as on the results.”

South Asia: Macaca, YouTube and Elections

  8 November 2006

Quite a few blogs have had a reaction to the elections in the US. Sepia Mutiny reflects on the Macaca incident that was widely blogged. “There was a bit of gallows humor following the “macaca” gaffe that the use of racial slurs might actually help George Allen, but that turned...

Pakistan: Architecture in Bahawalpur state

  7 November 2006

All Things Pakistan on the architectural heritage in Bahawalpur state. “The legacy of Bahawalpur state has been in ruins like many other historical places of the country. These building have potential to attract a great deal of tourists. But what the heirs and the government need is a good planning...