· October, 2006

Stories about Pakistan from October, 2006

Pakistan: Dengue

  31 October 2006

Dengue in Pakistan is becoming a problem. Sajjad on the increasing number of people taken ill. “The outbreak of “Dengue Fever” in parts of Pakistan is now becoming a countrywide epidemic. Quite a few bloggers have posted about it including one who lost his cousin to a dengue infection.”

Pakistan: Halloween

  30 October 2006

Light Within on people in Pakistan celebrating Halloween. “The festival has recently become popular with children and young people in Pakistan and is especially celebrated in Lahore with delicious food and music.”

Pakistan: Beards, Islam and Cricket

  28 October 2006

A very interesting post and discussion at Pakistaniat discussing facial hair and cricket. “Given all the discussion about cricket and Islam (here), sooner or later we will come to beards and cricket and whether beards of a certain length or style are ‘religiously intimidating’ for some (related story here).”

Pakistan: Press Freedom

  26 October 2006

The Glasshouse on Pakistan's rank in the RSF Press Freedom Index. “At times the regime moves swiftly to prevent ‘harmful’ news from spreading, as was the case in late 2005 when it closed a local FM Radio relaying a BBC World Service Programme, which began providing independent news on the...

Voices from South Asia

  26 October 2006

Bangladesh: - What does Bangladesh need now for a better future? Angelmorn has a ten point prescription. - Rifat of Close your eyes and try to see is critic about the noise pollution in Bangladesh, especially using the loudspeakers. - Shafiur of imperfect world | 2006 informs that many of...

Pakistan: When do we celebrate Eid?

  24 October 2006

The world over there seems to be some element of difference in opinion on when Eid should be celebrated. All Things Pakistan speaks on the issue “Some of our readers suggest this is yet another sign of a society divided and forever seeking new ways to become even more divided....

Pakistan: Why people blog

  24 October 2006

It is write compiles responses from bloggers on issue of .. well, blogging. “Why do you blog? I asked bloggers this question. First, I posted the question on my own blog Light Within and then emailed the post to bloggers soliciting their comments on the post. Earlier, I have been...

India, Pakistan: Kashmir and the Indian Army

  23 October 2006

~Kashmir~ on the Indian Army. “Does a 19 year old boy deserve to be tortured with hot iron rods? Does the brother of a 10 year sister old deserve to be burned? Does the only bread winner of a family deserve death at the hands of an occupational army for...

Pakistan: Podcast on festivals, earthquake and Politics

  23 October 2006

iFaqeer has a podcast. “This program congratulates celebrants on Ramzan, Eid and Diwali, with some thoughts on the spirit of the season; discusses the first anniversary of the earthquake in South Asia and the role of the blogosphere in helping remember those in need; and throws out some political thoughts...

Pakistan: NGOs

  18 October 2006

Pakistani Abysmal Ramblings on NGOs in Pakistan. “Pakistan has hundreds if not thousands of registered NGO's that have tax free status and are allowed to collect Zakat for their projects, but most of these NGO's are fronts for politicians who want to portray their dedication to the masses before elections...

Pakistan: Hands without Henna and Bangles

  17 October 2006

With Eid around the corner, shopkeepers in Pakistan stock up on items that are traditional gifts on the festival. Metroblogging Islamabad says “Against the expectations, this time the costumer response is slow towards these traditional gifts and stallholders and costumers blame different reasons for this decay. A survey revealed that...

Pakistan: Cricket and the Dope Test

  16 October 2006

The Teeth Maestro on some players of Pakistan's Cricket team failing the dope test. “n an embarrassing development of events in the ICC Champions Trophy in India, it has just been revealed that Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif both have failed an internal Pakistan Cricket Board performance enhancing drug test...

Pakistan: Blog-o-leader

  14 October 2006

With the advent of citizen journalism and the unrelenting popularity of blogs as the main source of honest opinion and news, it won't be long before the world leaders jump on the bandwagon, as President Ahmadinejad has already done, and launch their own blogs to further ensure their own popularity...

Pakistan: Friday the 13th

  14 October 2006

Friday the 13th might be lucky for Muslims, Sajjad Zaidi explains. “Today was Friday the 13th, a day considered extremely unlucky by some in the West. Whatever the origins of this superstition, some Muslims have the opposite view (most are indifferent I guess).”

Pakistan: A man named Gulzar

  11 October 2006

Shirazi on Gulzar, a newspaper forwarding agent. “That was a place from where he arranges the dispatch of newspaper and periodicals to the agencies in over 200 stations (including remote villages, towns and small cities). He uses railways, road transport and airlines of that purpose. He has employed 11 workers,...

Pakistan: Zaakat

  10 October 2006

Metroblogging Islamabad on Ramadan and Zaakat. “Mosques are full of the faithful worshipers. The bazaars and streets are full of a new type of beggars! These men, women and children are not asking for charity any more. They are demanding ‘Zakaat’. And they are getting it!”

Pakistan: Men and Women

  9 October 2006

Metroblogging Islamabad on the exclusive skills sets of girls and boys. “What creates problem is the differentiation; between both male and female .As in our society women still face great discrimination not only in business world but also in every walk of life.”

Pakistan: Power station of the Past

  6 October 2006

How some places of importance are reduced to nothing. Light Within on Gogera “It is reduced to a shabby and sleepy suburb of Okara today. Town still boasts its importance when it was important British power centre and district headquarters from 1852 to 1865 and the part played by the...

Pakistan: Hiking and Islamabad

  5 October 2006

Metroblogging Islamabad on why the city has much to offer to hikers. “. Although many of the residents take advantage of this opportunity and regularly hike up and down trail-3 or at the most go bush walking, yet most of the youth are reluctant to explore more of it. There...