· December, 2006

Stories about Pakistan from December, 2006

Pakistan: Musharraf and Kashmir

  23 December 2006

President Musharraf's statements on Kashmir with respect to Pakistan and India have quite a few reactions. Light Within on some fundamental issues. “The first one is that how can a single man – military dictator – claim to speak for the nation of Pakistan? Number two, what becomes of our...

Pakistan: The return of the Expat

  21 December 2006

Metroblogging Islamabad on Pakistani expats returning to the city and not quite fitting in. “All they can do is complain and try to pose something they are not with their myopic perspective. If you look at foreigners, the ones who do not even belong to Pakistan, they always manage to...

Pakistan: Healthcare in Islamabad

  20 December 2006

Metroblogging Islamabad on healthcare in the city. “Although you can get a prompt emergency check up for Rs 5 registration charges, but the medicines are very expensive, and I am wondering how the poor manage it all.”

Pakistan, Bangladesh: In conversation with Uzma Aslam Khan

  18 December 2006

black and gray in conversation with the author of Trespassing, Uzma Aslam Khan. “The Soviets were in Afghanistan, Pakistan was ruled by its most brutal military dictator, General Zia ul Haq, a United States ally (one Pakistani general referred to Pakistan as the condom through which America entered Afghanistan), billions...

South Asia : People, Prayers, Movies and Politics

  13 December 2006

The latest buzz from different blogs from South Asia: Bangladesh: - Mezba of a Bengali in TO, a Bangladeshi expat living in Canada describes why is it beneficial to sacrifice an animal back to his country during Eid-ul-Azha. - Rumi of Drishtipat predicts the fate of Bangladesh's future if the...

South Asia: Muslims and Christmas in the UK

  12 December 2006

Pickled Politics points to an article by one of the authors in the Guardian. “That is, erm, me in a short article in today’s Media Guardian having a sarcastic dig at the tabloids for their annual idiotic headlines that proclaim ‘Muslims want to ban Christmas!’” Watch out for the 187...

Pakistan: Morality and Students

  12 December 2006

Metroblogging Lahore on Pakistani students caught cheating. “Last week, a friend of mine sent me this email about an embarrassing situation in Swedish universities where the number of Pakistani students involved in cheating cases is alarmingly increasing every year.”

Pakistan: America and Islamophobia

  5 December 2006

My Chronicles... on Islamophobia and America. “Certainly, Muslims have an identity of their own and need to display it just like Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc. To fear Muslims for displaying their symbols and identities is not correct and only creates wrong perceptions of America in the eyes of Muslims.”

Pakistan: A trip to North Pakistan

  5 December 2006

All Things Pakistan remembers a trip to North Pakistan in 1992. “For those of you who are familiar with Pakistan’s road transportation system of early 1990s, the bigger your vehicle was the later you reached your destination.”

Pakistan: Girls, you should know the first kalma

  2 December 2006

All Things Pakistan looks at some lines of poetry written on the back of a bus with initial amusement and then with a slight sense of horror. The post and the comments discuss expectations from Pakistani women. “Roughly translated, it says: Girls these days are so proud of their beauty....

India, Pakistan: Chennai and Lahore's gifts to the world

  2 December 2006

Metroblogs the world over are focusing on the gifts each city has given to the world. Metroblogging Lahore has a wonderful post focusing on the cuisine and delights for the foodies and Metroblogging Chennai has a series of delightful posts – including this one on Chennai's gift of Indo Saracenic...

Pakistan: AIDS/ HIV and awareness

  2 December 2006

On World AIDS Day, Metroblogging Islamabad on why Pakistan needs to be careful about HIV and get its awareness programs going. “A third of Pakistani truck drivers recently surveyed had never heard of condoms and 19 out of 20 who bought sex from women did not use condoms, according to...