· December, 2008

Stories about Pakistan from December, 2008

2008: A turbulent year for South Asia

  27 December 2008

Looking back on the events that rocked South Asia in the year 2008 we see that terrorism took the center stage in many places in this region. This was also a year of crucial and decisive elections in many South Asian countries. The Global Voices coverages of the blogospheres of...

Pakistan: Policies Regarding NWFP

  26 December 2008

Manzoor Ali Shah at Pak Tea House argues that the policies of Pakistan government regarding the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) need a paradigm shift.

India: No War with Pakistan

  25 December 2008

The Acorn quotes the Prime Minister of India to confirm that there is no war ahead with Pakistan, at least initiated by India.

Pakistan: The forgotten silence of 1971

  22 December 2008

Raza Rumi at Pak Tea House discusses the tragic events of 1971 that lead to the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan: “The truth is that we as a state and society lost our majority province after pushing its people into a situation where independence through a War of Liberation was...

Pakistan: Airforce On High Alert!

  22 December 2008

Tensions are apparently running high between India and Pakistan as Lahore Metblogs reports: “Pakistan Air Force today conducted vigilance exercises throughout the central Punjab and North-Eastern parts of the country including Azad Kashmir.”

Pakistan: A beauty queen's slip

  20 December 2008

In a recent CNN interview, the 24 year old Natasha Paracha, Miss Pakistan World, was heard saying “…as Pakistanis we have to stand up and condone what has happened in the country of India and through these Mumbai attacks” . What she probably meant to say was “condemn”. Five Rupees...

Community Maps For Pakistan

  18 December 2008

Dinakar writes on the community map making efforts in Pakistan: “Surprisingly Pakistan cities are being rapidly updated by the community, how on earth can we imagine that we have an accurate digital map of a Pakistan city; this was only possible through the community initiative.”

India, Pakistan: Asking for ‘proof’ only to deny them

  17 December 2008

Diganta at Horizon Speaks posts videos broadcast in a Pakistan News Channel which show that the captured Mumbai Terrorist Kasav is from Pakistan. He comments: “They are asking for ‘proof’ only to deny them. The purpose of getting the proofs from Pakistan was only to remove them quickly.”

Bangladesh, Pakistan: Keeping in the dark

  17 December 2008

On December 16, 1971 the Pakistan army in Bangladesh unconditionally surrendered to the joint Indian and Bangladeshi forces. Mash at Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying unravels the false reality created by the military regime using media in the last days of united Pakistan to keep general Pakistanis in...

South Asia: Desi Podcast

  16 December 2008

Pass The Roti On The Left Hand Side introduces Radiostan, a monthly radio show for the Desis, also available as a podcast in many formats. Radiostan brings you the pulse of Desi culture; featuring interviews, performances, and discussions with the pundits, players, and politicos that influence the South Asian American...

Pakistan: Crack Down On Militants

  12 December 2008

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan reports: “On Thursday, Pakistan moved to ban the Jamat-ud-Dawa, the Islamic charity organization that has been linked to Lashkar-e-Toiba, the militant group that many believe were responsible for November’s attacks in Mumbai.”