· March, 2006

Stories about Pakistan from March, 2006

China: trans-Asian oil pipeline

  31 March 2006

Regarding an oil pipeline planned to link Russia and China, with a branch extending through Pakistan into India, the Our Silk Road blogger suggests the old Silk Road could very well be renamed the new Oil Road. “A lucrative idea with a great deal of wheeling and dealing left to...

Pakistan: Look who's talking!

  27 March 2006

Pakistanwatch comments on Sharif's interview to an Indian TV channel – “After all this is the same Sharif who, after being elected to power in 1997, took the initiative to change the constitution so the president could no longer dismiss the sitting government. In addition, he is the same Sharif...

Pakistan: Blog-o-warming

  25 March 2006

It took all the strength I could muster to make this post. Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, I have been under the weather. It actually feels like global warming kind of weather, to be honest. My polar-ice caps melted which resulted in copious amounts of perspiring and as a...

Pakistan: World Social Forum

25 March 2006

Raheel comments on the World Social Forum that started in Karachi, and says -“At the same time, I am just doubtful that would it be a major hit as far as attendance is concerned? I am asking this question to myself just because Pakistani young generation can waste lots of...

Pakistan: Culture and Lahore

  23 March 2006

The Organic Brew points to a website that lists cultural events in Lahore -“Our task is to get the widest range of cultural activity registered on the site, and promote the website amid the Lahoris by also offering a cultural picture data base, online forums and discussions on culture and...

Jamaica: Commonwealth Games

  22 March 2006

Leon wonders why the 18th Commonwealth Games aren't getting more media attention. “Is it because the mighty U.S is not involved, since the Commonwealth games only include former territories of Britain? (But wait, America is a former territory of Britain!).”

Pakistan: The day the idea was born

  22 March 2006

Light Within on Pakistan Day -“The people of Pakistan celebrate the 23rd of March, every year, with great zeal and enthusiasm, to commemorate the most outstanding achievement of the Muslims of South Asia who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution on this day at Lahore in 1940.”

Pakistan: Navroz celebrations

21 March 2006

Raheel wishes his readers a happy Navroz and talks of the rich tradition of the day, and the way it is celebrated.

Pakistan: Blogging and after

  20 March 2006

Shirazi responds to a questionnaire on blogging in Pakistan, and provides answers to questions on the Pakistani blogosphere, the future for Pakistani bloggers and a comparison with blogs from elsewhere.

Commonwealth Games

  15 March 2006

Regan liveblogs the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, which took place last night in Melbourne, Australia.

Pakistan: How protest evolves

  13 March 2006

The Olive Ream, with characteristic humour presents the anatomy of a protest. The story of how some bloggers picked up on the threads after blogspot blogs were blocked by ISPs in Pakistan from the horse's mouth.

Pakistan: The choices

  10 March 2006

Azad Forever captures some of the nuances of the recent controversies to hit Muslims – “ Muslims, as social and conscious human beings should also denounce cowardly acts committed by Muslims, like killing innocence people, just like how Muslims condemn some stupid Danish cartoons against their symbol of faith.”

Pakistan: Blog-o-block

  5 March 2006

I am sure the readers of Global Voices are, by now, well aware of the recent move by ISPs in Pakistan to block blogspot.com sites. The rationale behind this ban cannot be logically justified. The reason given is that due to pressure from (political) groups within Pakistan, the government has...