· June, 2008

Stories about Pakistan from June, 2008

Pakistan: Spying across the border

  16 June 2008

The Pakistani Spectator takes a closer look at the spies sent across the border between India and Pakistan, and how their cases are used politically.

Pakistan: The Long March

  13 June 2008

All Things Pakistan on the long march to Islamabad, organized by lawyers to protest against the government.

The myriad voices of Pakistani blogosphere

  11 June 2008

Pakistan's growing blogosphere presents a kaleidoscope of the complex, contradictory developments within the country. The country is in the grip of a major movement for upholding the rule of law. Some say it is the finest moment in our history while others term it as yet another agent of instability....

Pakistan: On Democracy

  4 June 2008

The Pakistani Spectator on the idea of democracy – not just theoretically, but as a choice that people make.