· November, 2008

Stories about Pakistan from November, 2008

Pakistan: Blame Game On Mumbai Terror – The Blogosphere Speaks

  29 November 2008

Recent terror attacks in Mumbai have seriously disturbed and complicated the on-going peace dialogues between India and Pakistan. Where Indian officials are not hesitating to point fingers to Pakistan, the Pakistani officials have been denying Pakistan's involvement in the attacks. Pakistan authorities have further requested not to play the blame...

India: Kashmir and Mumbai

  29 November 2008

India’s largest city and economic hub are now target practice grounds; much similar to Kashmir. “We’ve all been watching TV till our eyeballs were emanating radioactive glow,” pings a friend and freelance Photographer from Mumbai, who adds: “Media coverage is par for the course. We’re a very crassly inquisitive race,...

Pakistan: Blogosphere Stands United With India Against Terrorism

  27 November 2008

Pakistani bloggers have reacted and strongly condemned the terrorist attacks carried out in Mumbai, India at 11 PM local time yesterday (November 26, 2008). It was expected that these attacks would be blamed on Pakistan's intelligence (ISI) as before, but so far this is not the case. Although the Indian...

Pakistan, India: Cyber Warfare

  26 November 2008

Teeth Maestro reports that the websites of oil and gas regulatory authorities of Pakistan and India had been defaced as hackers of both the countries were engaged in a cyber warfare.

Pakistan: A Dancer’s Perspective on Pakistan

  25 November 2008

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan posts an interview of Sheema Kermani, a classical dancer, teacher, drama artist and women’s rights activist. Sheema describes how art and music have traditionally been viewed in Pakistan and what obstacles women face in Pakistan.

Pakistan: ISI closes political wing

  24 November 2008

Deadpan Thoughts reports that the political wing of Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI ceased its operation after three decades of spying on politicians and fixing political deals.

Pakistan: The politics of condemnation

  21 November 2008

Chowrangi protests the ineffective condemnation by the Pakistan government against the US drone and missile attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The blog suggests that there is more behind this habitual condemnation as these attacks are on the rise.

Religious unity: The Charter for Compassion

  21 November 2008

As children we may all have heard the Golden Rule expressed in many different ways, but the basic idea is: Treat others as you would like to be treated. This is Karen Armstrong's TED wish, to create The Charter for Compassion, a platform in which the different Abrahamic faiths could focus on what was common to all, the moral backbone of all their faiths towards a greater unity and better communication among people of different faiths.

Pakistan: More US drone attacks

  19 November 2008

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan reports that another suspected U.S. drone missile attack at a house in northwestern Pakistan killed at least five and injured seven people.

Afghanistan: Mired in Combat

  19 November 2008

An interesting pair of stories in the New York Times illustrate brilliantly just how complex the problems facing the United States in Afghanistan and Pakistan really are. The first is CJ Chivers' look at an embattled outpost in Nuristan...

Pakistan: Mother of Dolls

  17 November 2008

Light Within portrays Dr. Senta Siller, who mobilized the women in a remote Pakistani village and led them from the front to make hand crafted dolls in traditional Pakistani attires for collectors’ delight and for the gift market.

Pakistan: GEO TV News Blocked?

  17 November 2008

Teeth Maestro is reporting that the transmission of Geo News, a Dubai based Pakistani news channel and other channels of the GEO TV network have been blocked in most parts of Karachi.

Pakistan: A Military Perspective

  14 November 2008

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan interviews an internationally renowned political and strategic analyst Shuja Nawaz on Pakistan’s current counter-terrorism strategy.

Pakistan: U.S. Aid Worker killed

  12 November 2008

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan reports on the assassination of U.S. Aid Worker in North West Pakistan: “Media outlets are implying that the Pakistani Taliban may have perpetrated the assassination.”

Pakistan: Worlds Second Best Mayor

  11 November 2008

Ahsan at Five Rupees informs that according to Foreign Policy Magazine, Mustafa Kamal, the Mayor of Karachi, has been declared as the world's second best mayor.

Pakistan: New Cyber Crime Law

  10 November 2008

Teeth Maestro reports that a Cyber Crime Law was enforced in Pakistan with effect from September 29th 2008. The maximum sentence under the act is imprisonment up to 10 years, or with fine not less than Rs 10 million; or with both.

Pakistan: Obama the Revenge!

  9 November 2008

For years, many people in Pakistan hated the policies of US President George W. Bush. Most Pakistanis believed that the policies of Mr. Bush to fight terrorism were failed policies. Yes that is right! Because almost every step taken by him had ironically empowered the fundamental forces like the Taliban and...