· September, 2008

Stories about Pakistan from September, 2008

Pakistan: Media propaganda

  29 September 2008

Teeth Maestro is furious because without concrete evidence the international media suggested that the two Somali suspects arrested in Germany were intending to join terrorists in Uganda and Pakistan.

Pakistan: Zardari flirts and the Blogosphere reacts

  29 September 2008

The president of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari met with the US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin in New York recently and used flirtatious words during the discussion. It seemed more like a courtship than a political meeting. Zardari made the following comments: “You are even more gorgeous in life....

Pakistani Bloggers on the McCain-Obama Debate

  27 September 2008

Pakistani bloggers found much to analyze in last night's televised debate between United States presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain. What the US approach to Pakistan should be was a core part of discussion, since Pakistan has come under greater scrutiny in recent times and is considered a hot-spot....

Pakistan: President meets Sarah Palin

  25 September 2008

Deadpan Thoughts on Pakistan president Asif A. Zardari's ‘un-presidential’ meet with US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin: “I am not surprised neither shocked as I am sure Mr. Zardari will have many more gems for us in store as he leads this country to god knows where in the near future.“

Pakistan: “Hey! Why is Google ignoring us?”

  25 September 2008

Pakistanis are using blogs as a medium to raise their voices about an important issue regarding the biases of technology giant Google. The issue we are talking about is Google Doodles for Pakistan. Google Doodles refers to the Google's logo designs project that Google displays occasionally. Google celebrates and pays...

Pakistan: Facing war

  23 September 2008

Pak Tea House comments on Saturday's Hotel Marriott bombing in Islamabad: “It is an open political war on Pakistan, a lethal tool to destabilize Pakistan.“

Pakistan: Another 9/11, We are Burning

  21 September 2008

Yesterday night, about 8 PM local time, Islamabad was rocked with the worst suicide attack ever in the history of Pakistan. This attack was carried outside Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. It is being said that about 1000 KG explosive material was used in this attack that resulted in the casualties...

Pakistan bleeds again

  21 September 2008

Pakistan capital Islamabad was rocked by a massive explosion outside Hotel Marriott yesterday. A truck carrying 1000 Kg (1 ton) of explosive materials entered Marriott Hotel at around 8 PM local time and the driver blew himself up first and then the truck was blown up in a massive explosion....

Pakistan: Open fire on intruders

  17 September 2008

Ymasood hails Pakistan army's order to ‘open fire‘ on intruding US warplanes raiding in Pakistan territory and comments “I can bet today that ex-General ex-President Musharraf wouldn’t have done (it)…“.

Pakistan: The sectarianism menace

  16 September 2008

Ambreen Kazmi writes in Chowrangi: “In Pakistan today there is discontent, envy, hatred and animosity and all uncharitableness. All these have resulted in economic down fall and social chaos.”

Pakistan: “Yet Another Cowardly Attack by the US”

  8 September 2008

United States attacks within Pakistani boundaries are not new to anyone. A few days ago, an attack on the Angoor Adda area of South Waziristan claimed the lives of at least 20 Pakistanis. But that’s not all. It is the fifth recent attack, and it claimed no less then 20...