· March, 2009

Stories about Pakistan from March, 2009

Pakistan: Tehreek-e-Taliban Claimed Responsibility

  31 March 2009

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan reports that “Beitullah Mehsud, the head of the Tehreek-e-Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack on the Manawan police academy in Punjab province, which killed at least 13 people.”

Pakistan: Stand Against Terrorism & Extremism

  30 March 2009

Hasan Mubarak at Lahore Metblog mentioned that Lahore keeps its resolve after the attacks on a police training school in the city: “We should not and will not tolerate ideologies of extremism, terrorism, inhumanity, and hatred. We are humans, and yes, proud Pakistanis; Muslims or otherwise – but sorry, we...

Pakistan: Lahore Police Academy Attack

  30 March 2009

Today morning Pakistanis were shocked by the news of the attack on Manawan police training school in Lahore. Some 10-12 masked gunmen dressed as Policemen attacked from four sides when almost 700 trainees were performing their morning exercise in the camp. BBC reports that they succeeded in a siege of...

Pakistan: Suicide Bombing at Mosque While People Praying

  27 March 2009

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan is reporting that ” 48 people were killed (today) when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a mosque near the town of Jamrud in the Khyber agency in northwest Pakistan.” The Blogger comments: “For a suicide bombing to occur at all is horrific, but...

Pakistan Day And The Lawyers’ Movement

  24 March 2009

Pakistanis celebrated Pakistan day yesterday. Chapaty Mystery discussed the significance of the day and mentioned how the recent successful lawyers’ movement has provided “an opportunity for Pakistan to undertake a serious re-consideration of its self-conception.”

Pakistan: Declaring Negligible Wealth

  23 March 2009

Adil Najam at All Things Pakistan is outraged with the populist practice of Pakistani politicians of declaring a negligible amount as their wealth: “I am not an idiot, and I would really really appreciate if our politicians stopped insulting my intelligence!”

Bangladesh: 1971 Genocide video

  22 March 2009

Mash at Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying posts a rare video footage of the massacre by Pakistan army in a village near Dhaka, Bangladesh in late November of 1971. More such videos can be found at the Bangladesh Genocide Archive.

Pakistan: The Way Ahead

  19 March 2009

The whole Pakistan is overjoyed with the reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and a happy end to the Lawyers’ Long March movement. Although apparently president Zardari is in back foot by giving the nod to to reinstate Chaudhry, it had prevented the possible chaos and anarchy if the protesters’...

Pakistan: Sari Makes A Comeback To Fashion

  18 March 2009

The trademark dress of the women in the Indian Subcontinent is called Sari. During the 80s it started disappearing in Pakistan after it was declared un-Islamic by then president Zia-ul-Haq . Pak Tea House reports that Saris are making a comeback in Pakistani fashion.

Pakistan: A Proud Event

  17 March 2009

The reinstatement of chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was a proud event for many Pakistanis like the blogger at Monsoon Frog after a long time.

Pakistan: Suicidal Attack in Rawalpindi

  16 March 2009

While Pakistanis were celebrating today's victory for Long March the country faced yet another suicide attack in Rawalpindi. “As many as 12 people, mostly poor people taking the local transport back to their homes, were killed in a huge blast,” reports Pak Tea House.

Pakistan: The Power Of A Judge

  16 March 2009

While discussing the recent political turmoil in Pakistan An Ordinary Citizen from Bangladesh comments that “a judge is changing the face of Pakistan.”.

Pakistan: Triumph of Democracy

  16 March 2009

The Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry has been reinstated which has fulfilled the primary objective of the ongoing judiciary movement and the Long March. This was announced by the Pakistani Prime Minister in a televised speech. In addition the government has agreed to restore all deposed judges and...

Pakistan: Media Muzzled Again

  14 March 2009

All Things Pakistan reports that GEO News (a private TV news channel) was blocked in different cities of country as crackdown on the Long March continued in Pakistan.

Paksitan: Where The Long March Is Heading?

  13 March 2009

Chowrangi reports that a deal may be struck before the ‘Long March’ of Pakistani lawyers movement reaches the capital Islamabad. The blogger comments: “(The) future of Long March will be decided by the politicians and invisible hands that pull the strings in affairs of Pakistan.”

Pakistan: Long March and Uncertainty

  12 March 2009

Adil Najam at All Things Pakistan comments on the current political crisis in Pakistan: “It seems that nothing much ever changes in Pakistan politics. Except, maybe, to get progressively worse.”

Pakistan: Sharif Brothers Under House Arrest

  11 March 2009

Open Pakistan reports quoting GEO TV that “Pakistani authorities on Wednesday decided to put Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif and his borther Shahbaz Sharif under house arrest to prevent a planned long march by the opposition party workers and lawyers to Islamabad.” CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan reported...

Pakistan: Live Coverage Of The Long March

  11 March 2009

A section of the Pakistani Lawyers and political activists have finished all their preparations for a scheduled Long March and sit in protest starting tomorrow to reinstate the deposed judges. Tensions are running high in Pakistan because the opposition leader Nawaz Sharif's party (PML-N) is participating in the protests and the government has started crack down on activists and imposed ban on protests. Pakistani citizen journalists have started to cover the events as they unfold using live blogs, live picture updates, email/SMS and Twitter messages.

Pakistan: Section 144 imposed

  11 March 2009

Usman Latif at Lahore Metblogs reports that Pakistan government is trying to stop the upcoming lawyers’ march: “Section 144 was imposed in Lahore and in several other cities of Punjab on Tuesday for three days effective from Wednesday. The crack down against different politicians and lawyers has been started.”