· July, 2011

Stories about Pakistan from July, 2011

Pakistan: Killing Karachi

  21 July 2011

Faisal Kapadia is lamenting on the recent political violence in Karachi and how the situation is affecting the lives of the people living in the city.

Pakistan: Motorbiking From San Francisco to Lahore

  21 July 2011

Sonya Rehman writes about the journey of 24-year old Moin Khan, who has embarked on a motorbike tour from San Francisco to Lahore. Moin will be updating his Facebook page and Twitter account regularly to share his travel experiences.

Pakistan: Demanding Justice For Saleem Shahzad

  20 July 2011

Many suspect that Pakistan's intelligence agency was behind the May 2011 abduction and murder of Pakistani journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad, bureau chief of Asia Online. The judicial commission set up to investigate the murder is struggling from lack of help, and many fear that justice will be denied.

Pakistan: Embracing the Google+ Circles

  11 July 2011

The past couple of weeks might be forever remembered as a game changer in the realm of social media in Pakistan. It was when Google rolled out its all encompassing and challenging social behemoth of a network called Google Plus. Pakistan is crazy about social networking, so it is of little wonder that the launch of Google+ garnered so much reaction.

Pakistan: Violence In Karachi

  9 July 2011

Kashif Aziz at Chowrangi writes about the recent wave of political killings and arson in Karachi, which has left more than 100 people dead in last 4 days. The blogger accuses the government for not doing enough to stop these.