· September, 2009

Stories about Pakistan from September, 2009

Pakistan: Who Is Running The Country?

  30 September 2009

The US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson’s recent statement on Quetta shura raised a controversy in Pakistan. Teeth Maestro poses the question in reaction: “Who’s actually running Pakistan? The Americans or Pakistanis?”

Pakistan: Karachi The Next Swat

  29 September 2009

Khaled Faroqi at Pakistan Desk opines that the movement of Taliban Leadership from Quetta to Karachi can force the city to suffer the same consequences as FATA or Swat.

Pakistan: The way we are treated at US airports

  28 September 2009

“As a friend of progressive forces, and as an American who is proud to be an American, I urge the United States government to re-consider this policy of secondary searches and questioning when someone tries to enter America,” comments Pakistani American Bilal Qureshi at Pak Tea House.

Mobile-empowered to serve you better

  22 September 2009

The mobile phone has grown to be a tool that enables, farmers, small traders and service providers to take information-based decisions, thereby leading to their economic empowerment

Pakistan: The Origin Of Railways

  21 September 2009

Owais Mughal at All Things Pakistan writes about the origin of railways in Pakistan. “The first line from Karachi to Kotri (1861) was constructed primarily to reduce the journey time on the final stage of long haul from Britain to Delhi and Calcutta,” the blogger informs.

Pakistan: Back Home And Starting A New Life

  15 September 2009

After nearly two months of living in squalor in temporary camps the displaced people of the Swat region of Pakistan were allowed to go back home from July 13th. Although they still face uncertainties and challenges, there are signs of normalcy as many of the displaced families are now starting a new life.

Pakistan: Shifting The Blame For Stampede Death

  15 September 2009

Kalsoom at CHUP: Changing Up Pakistan informs that yesterday at least 19 women were killed in a stampede while collecting food in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Karachi. “In the wake of this heart-breaking incident, it seems we are all trying to find a scapegoat,” comments the blogger as...

Pakistan: Do Not Link Us With Afghanistan

  14 September 2009

“Whenever Pakistan is linked with Afghanistan, Islamabad reacts sharply and angrily because Pakistanis have been leading the fight against the Taliban on their own, unlike Afghanistan where Americans and NATO forces are fighting the Taliban,” comments Bilal Qureshi at Pak Tea House while discussing President Zardari's reactions on US President...

Pakistan: The Missing Persons

  10 September 2009

Over 650 people are missing across Pakistan who are presumed to be abducted, imprisoned and in most cases tortured by intelligence agencies. To discuss these disappearances, Sana Saleem interviews Amina Masood Janjua. She heads the Defense of Human Rights Pakistan, an organization that represents the missing people in Pakistan.

Pakistan: Martyr Certificate

  8 September 2009

“I can’t aggregate words to describe what this image says. It is a Martyr Certificate” exclaims Pak Factor after posting an image of the martyr certificate awarded by Tehrik-i-Taliban to a person from South Waziristan, who died during an insurgency.

Pakistan: Illegal Number Plates

  8 September 2009

Naeem Sadiq at All Things Paksitan brings up the issue of an increasing irregularity in Karachi, Pakistan where many cars are carrying illegal number plates and the authority is doing nothing to stop this practice.

Pakistan: Death On Reality Show

  5 September 2009

The death of a Pakistani reality show participant has been subject to hot debate in the Pakistani Blogosphere. Bloggers question the creditability of these kinds of entertainment shows, which lack security measures, and the liability of the corporate giants who commission them.

Pakistan: Secret US Base In Gharo, Sindh

  4 September 2009

Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz informs quoting sources within the Pakistan Navy that: “certain high-ranking individuals within the Naval forces are involved in secret construction of operational facilities in Gharo, Sindh, which are intended to serve as a base for around 200 US marines.”

Pakistan: A Reality Show Death

  1 September 2009

The death of a reality TV show contestant in Pakistan in an accident while filming the show has generated much debate among online and offline communities. Kalsoom at CHUP discusses the reality of the reality TV.