· September, 2006

Stories about Pakistan from September, 2006

Pakistan: Lahore Fort

  29 September 2006

A history tour at Metroblogging Lahore. “Hathi Pol was built by Shah Jahan in 1632. It was meant to be exclusively used by elephants carrying the royalty. From this splendid gateway begins the renowned picture wall of Lahore Fort.”

Pakistan: Blog-o-addiction

  28 September 2006

Hi, my name is Omer and I am net-o-holic. I've been addicted to the net for the last 8 years and now I must admit I need help. My addiction started out as casual browsing of a few news sites, and has since then progressed to a daily 20 hour...

Pakistan: Khyber Pass Railway

  26 September 2006

The Khyber Pass is the stuff of colonial stories and legend. Light Within on the Khyber Pass Railway. “Construction restarts in 1920 and the section from Jamrud to Landi Kotal, opens on November 3, 1925. Next day on November 4, Mrs. Victor Bailey, wife of the British engineer entrusted with...

Pakistan: On Ramadan

  25 September 2006

Shirazi on observing the month of Ramadan. “What is particularly troubling is that often the very people who demand tolerance for themselves end up ridiculing and denouncing those who choose to determine the beginning of the month through some other means.”

Pakistan: Albright still around

  21 September 2006

Whisk on the sort of representatives who are still sticking around, years after tactless remarks. “I believe she has since apologised for her tactless remark (7 years after making the remark) about the Iraqi children. It is essential that everyone read John Ryan’s excellent article on Ms. Albright entitled “An...

Pakistan: The Autorickshaw

  21 September 2006

The auto rickshaw is one of the evident symbols of South Asia. Light Within has a rather comprehensive post on the auto rickshaw in Pakistan.

South Asia: The Pope and Academia

  19 September 2006

Chapati Mystery on the controversy and the difference between the last pope and the current one. “The central irony of this controversy is that the thesis of Three Stages in the Program of De-Hellenization treats the futility of spreading faith through violence. Indeed, the quote that most infuriates some Muslims...

Pakistan: Dear Pope

  19 September 2006

iFaqeer requests the Pope to please stop feeding the bears. “What he's done is a gift to the people who'd like Muslims to follow their extremist, fanatic attitude. And as I was saying here in the last few days whether he did it out of naivete, ill-advisedness (“stupidity” seems inappropriate...

Pakistan: Toy Village

  19 September 2006

Shirazi profiles the Toy Village in Pakistan. “Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka – The Toy Village – is the name of the village in Punjab, about which a lot has been written, about its unique and special concept, -Thatta Kedona is the name under which the handicraft products of the village and...

Pakistan: View of Manuel and the Pope

  18 September 2006

Metroblogging Lahore takes a closer look at what the Pope actually said, and in the context of the entire speech, wonders what the Pope's intent is. “Specially after reading the last paragraph, I do not think he himself agrees with the views of Emperor Manuel Paleologos II but he was...

Pakistan: Salt Range

  15 September 2006

Shirazi on the Salt Range – that appears to have witnessed much history. “The Salt Range derives its name from extensive deposits of rock salt. It stands as remnant of forts with bastions and temples. “

Pakistan: Osama Bin Laden art

  15 September 2006

chapati mystery has an interesting post about Osama Bin Laden art. How is the man represented, caricatured and portrayed? “This paucity of visual images of UbL has forced all cartoonists, photoshoppers and artists to rely on the same images over and over again, enhancing magnificently the iconic stature of their...

Pakistan: Progressive Muslims

  14 September 2006

ifaqueer on using the term “Progrssive Muslims”. “As to whether there is such a thing as a “Progressive Muslim”, and isn't there just one True Islam which, in its pure form is pretty darn progressive to start with, personally, I don't ever say “Progressive Islam” or “Moderate Islam” or anything;...

Pakistan: 9/11 and Sarcasm

  12 September 2006

The Olive Ream spins a sarcastic post ridiculing the government (in)action on September 11. “9-11 (nine hundred and eleven) also refers to the number of times Bush has read the book, ‘The Pet Goat’ since September the 11th, 2001. Laura admits that “he still doesn't get it”.”

South Asia Blog Buzz

  10 September 2006

The latest from the South Asian blogs: Bangladesh: - Rajputro writes a satirical piece on how the load shedding (power cuts to manage shortage in electricity supply) in Bangladesh can be counterproductive. - Shafiur of imperfect|world|2006 is amused with the political dramas set out in Bangladesh as a form of...

Pakistan: Clerk's House

  8 September 2006

More history at Metroblogging Lahore. “Entrance to the Maktab Khana (Clerk's House). It is a small cloistered court surrounded by arcades in which clerks use to sit, recording the names of visitors. The inscription outside tells that King Jahangir built Maktab Khana in 1618.”

Pakistan: Earth and Sky

  6 September 2006

Shirazi on the breathtaking mountains. “Northern Pakistan is a land of contrasts, of surprises, a richly textured melting pot of diversity that leaves a vivid memory in the minds of every visitor, hiker or adventurer – only if the world knows it. “

Pakistan: Censoring the Net

  5 September 2006

KO on the move of the government in Pakistan to set up a body to censor the internet. He points us to a forum online where the issue is being discussed.

Pakistan: Education

  4 September 2006

Education in Pakistan needs far more involved intervention. All Things Pakistan on a high school with one student. “Little wonder that the evident failure of formal school system is giving way to the proliferation of madrassahs. Southern Punjab has turned into a hotbed of sectarianism.”