· December, 2010

Stories about Pakistan from December, 2010

Pakistan: Recognition For BRAC Bangladesh

  30 December 2010

Bangladeshi non-profit BRAC's humanitarian efforts in Pakistan received recognition in the form of an award and a public display of appreciation by the people of Mohibanda village in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

South Asia: Looking Back at the Citizen Media Storylines in 2010

  30 December 2010

You cannot leave South Asia region out of the picture as with nearly twenty three percent of the world's population, events in this region exert an enormous impact on the international system. Global Voices covered some of these events from a citizen media perspective. Let us review the popular posts of 2010 in this region.

Pakistan: Solidarity Day For Peace

  28 December 2010

Teeth Maestro informs that “rallies for peace will be held on 1 Jan 2011 in over 100 locations across Pakistan in solidarity with those suffering violence and repression.”

Pakistan: The Blasphemous Use Of Blasphemy Law

  25 December 2010

The interpretation of Blasphemy law in Pakistan has, for long, aroused controversy and has been criticized and questioned by the human rights activists. It has been used as a tool to spread violence and incite fear specifically among the minorities. Neitzens call for amendment of the law.

Pakistan: Being Smart About the Blasphemy Law

  22 December 2010

Teeth Maestro feels that Pakistan needs to be smart about its Blasphemy Law and that what is required now is to improve the law and, more so, to make its implementation more effective and impartial.

Pakistan: Protesting the (mis)handling of a Gang Rape Case

  21 December 2010

Sana Saleem at Mystified Justice, furious at the insensitive media handling of a recent gang rape case (that led the victim to withdraw her case against the rapist),  writes an open letter to Sharmila Farooqui – protesting the manner in which the Information Advisor handled the media briefing pertaining to...

Pakistan: Debating Blasphemy Cases

  18 December 2010

An interesting conversation is underway at All Things Pakistan where Adil Najam expressed his concern that the arrest of Dr. Naushad Valiyani on charges of blasphemy was nothing if not an act of spreading personal and petty hatred.

Pakistan: Human Rights and Blasphemy

  12 December 2010

“If blasphemy is a simple matter of disrespect, then we Muslims are the biggest blasphemers,” says Teeth Maestro from Karachi, Pakistan.

Macedonia: Introducing the Hunza Affair

  12 December 2010

On the Nationalities Blog, Anastas Vangeli, aka Vuna, analyzes from the perspective of Orientalism an ongoing Macedonian political affair: fraternization with the “Hunza people” from the remote mountainous region of Pakistan, who claim ancestry from the soldiers of Alexander the Great.

Pakistan: No Protection Against Fatwa

  8 December 2010

A cleric in Peshawar has publicly offered a reward of Pakistani Rs500,000 to anyone who will kill Aasia Bibi, a Christian brick-kiln labourer,who was sentenced to death for blasphemy by a district court. Adil Najam is outraged by the inaction of the government.

Pakistan: The Family First For The Ruling Elites

  7 December 2010

Fatima Saleem reviews the expensive and lavish lifestyle of the ruling elites of Pakistan and their families especially in the context that there are almost no donors among them for the aid of millions of flood victims in the country.

India, Pakistan: The Cyber War Continues

  5 December 2010

“On Friday, the Pakistan Cyber Army hacked the Indian CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) website” and the Pakistani “OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority) website was hacked yesterday by the Indian cyber army, reports Chowrangi.