· March, 2008

Stories about Pakistan from March, 2008

Pakistan: Women and Honour

  31 March 2008

Five Rupees on the case of a woman who is trying to escape being killed for her family's honour – bringing to light issues of women's status in a society and the idea of lost honour.

Pakistan: On Dictatorship

  27 March 2008

All Things Pakistan on the idea of democracies that don't quite live up to their promise, and the alternative – a dictatorship.

Pakistan: Change!

  25 March 2008

The Pakistan Policy Blog notes the hectic pace of developmets in Pakistan – a new Prime Minister and the reshuffling of Pakistan Army top Brass.

Pakistan: Mush and Clinton

  25 March 2008

Five Rupees draws parallels between the careers of Musharraf in Pakistan and Clinton in the US – and says it's time for them to bid their farewells.

Pakistan: To Delhi

  25 March 2008

Jahane Rumi writes a wonderful piece – reflecting on Delhi, its history and people.

Pakistan: On being attacked

  13 March 2008

As civilians are attacked in Pakistan by various terrorists, The Pakistani Spectator asks why citizens are attacked for no fault of their own.