· June, 2007

Stories about Pakistan from June, 2007

Pakistan: Meeting women

  20 June 2007

Metroblogging Islamabad has an interesting primer for men looking to meet women in the city – venues range from coffee shops in book stores, gyms etc., with a note that the women you meet at parties may not be the ones you can “take home to mom”.

Pakistan: A planned emergency

  12 June 2007

The Pakistani Spectator on a ‘planned emergency’. “If we take a look upon proceedings of post 9th March scenario, and analyze the situation deeply the question blinks in mind ‘Are we being headed towards a planned and engineered state of emergency’. In past eras, emergency in any country was declared...

South Asia: On Paris Hilton

  11 June 2007

Sepia Mutiny on the sudden relevance of Paris Hilton. “Meanwhile, you have so-called “enemy combatants,” some of them South Asian, who in many cases don’t get a lawyer or even get to hear the evidence against them. They are simply thrown into a cage. Not only do they not receive...

Pakistan: Understanding Pakistan

  11 June 2007

iFaqeer introduces a project – ‘Understanding Pakistan’. “Pakistanis often complain that the history of their country–or the history of the region as it relates to them and their country–is often told from either British or Western eyes, or from a point of view that is sympathetic to India, and dwells...

Pakistan: World Environment Day

  6 June 2007

Metroblogging Islamabad on World Environment Day. “In commemoration of the same day, the Ministry of Environment and the United Nation's office in Islamabad jointly screened Al Gore's famous 2005 documentary on global warming called ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ in the Islamabad Club Auditorium. Preceded by addresses by a UN representative Mr....

Pakistan: Law, Religion and Media

  6 June 2007

chapati mystery responds to the “tunnel vision of imperialism” as displayed in a debate between Obama, Hillary and Edwards. “Edwards, Obama and Clinton may not know this – or care – but the Press in Pakistan has been the most vital organ of civil society throughout its existence – through...

Pakistan: Military Inc.

  5 June 2007

A book named Military Inc. appears to have ruffled many feathers. At Individual Counts “All this because she has done an academic case study of the Army’s corporate interests which highlights the welfare work that the khakis are doing for their own admittedly at the cost of the tax payer....

South Asia: A Brown Doctor on the telly

  4 June 2007

Sepia Mutiny on the slow increase of brown faces on American television. “I do realize that because of stereotypes about Asians we’re likely to see Asian representation on TV increase soon, but I want more than just parity for yellows and brownz. And yes, I do also realize that TV...

Pakistan: Censoring Television

  4 June 2007

Censorship yet again in Pakistan. Pakistaniat.com has a post and an intense discussion in the comments space. “It happened while I was watching Dr. Shahid Masood’s Mere Mutabiq. Muslim League (Q)’s own Vice President Kabir Wasti was strongly criticizing General Musharaf, holding him responsible for the judicial crises when suddenly...