· February, 2008

Stories about Pakistan from February, 2008

Pakistan: The Jinnah Way

  28 February 2008

Pak Tea House takes a closer look at Jinnah and history – to serve as a lesson for contemporary parliamentarians in Pakistan.

South Asia: Decline Scenario

  27 February 2008

Chapati Mystery on the idea of “decline scenario” in interpreting history – implying that South Asia was already in decline before colonization.

Pakistan: Why is YouTube blocked?

  22 February 2008

YouTube appears to be blocked in Pakistan, All Things Pakistan points out that this may have a political rather than a “cultural” reason – given that a number of videos of election rigging were posted.

Pakistan: Goodbye Musharraf!

  19 February 2008

With the results of the elections in Pakistan becoming more clear, it is obvious that Musharraf, despite his promises hasn't won the confidence of the voters. Crow's Nest writes, reflecting on those associated with Musharraf. In the election results of the year 33 former ministers who were closely associated with...

Pakistan: Voting, Elections and Counting

  18 February 2008

As people in Pakistan were out voting today, the blogosphere discusses the elections. All Things Pakistan, is following the elections and urges its readers to share their accounts. We are especially interested in hearing reports from our readers in Pakistan about what they see on the streets, what their own...

Pakistan: Bird Flu

  13 February 2008

Crow's Nest on certain strains of Bird Flu being detected in some poultry farms in Southern Pakistan.